What Exactly are Toxins and How to Eliminate Them from Our Body?  

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What Exactly are Toxins and How to Eliminate Them from Our Body?  

We’re exposed to toxins every day – through the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the products we put on our bodies and in our homes. We hear a lot about toxins and their adverse effects that the word “toxins” scares us. Solutions to detox or to release toxins are all over the net. Indeed, it’s hard to step into a health store these days or browse through online resources without being bombarded by health foods, medicines or books that help to release toxins. But do we fully understand what toxins are? Are they really that threatening and how to eliminate them from our body? Here’s a summary of this subject.

1.    What are toxins?

Toxins, in their simplest terms, are harmful, poisonous substances to our body. They refer to things that our body is unable to get rid of.

2.    Where do they come from?

They can come from external sources like pesticides from foods that we consume1, pollutants in the air or water, chemicals in artificial food additives, cosmetics, personal care products, cleaning products, hormones and antibiotics in meat. Even though we’re extremely conscious about what we put on our bodies and pay extra attention to choosing food, toxins can still be emitted from your cookware. When food is cooked in high temperatures, chemicals in the coatings of cookware are released into our food2. The sad reality is that toxic substances are hidden in almost everything around us.


Toxins can also be internal – which means they’re created by internal processes in the body. These internal toxins are the natural, biological waste from cells and bacteria from foods that our bodies are not able to digest properly. Different body types react differently with toxins. In other words, your friends or families might process certain foods easily while you struggle to digest the same type and amount of foods.

3.     What do toxins do to our body?

The human body, in its infinite wisdom, has its own self-cleaning mechanism that works together to naturally and effectively release toxins: the digestive tract, the kidneys, skin, lymph and the caption – liver. The liver plays the most important role in this detoxifying process. In an ideal scenario, our body is beautifully designed to cleanse the toxins so perfectly that we don’t even have to think of all the hard work that it’s doing until it shows you some signals. When toxins levels exceed our bodies’ capability to naturally remove them, they build up gradually. Instead of filtering toxins out, the digestive system and liver let toxins get into our bloodstreams, result in different diseases.

Acne, rashes, eczema are initial signs of excessive amounts of toxins in our body. Chronic fatigue, body odour or headaches are also symptoms of toxicity. Our gastrointestinal tract (or GI) helps us to release toxins. So if you experience poor digestion, constipation, ulcers, they are very likely alarming signals that our body is struggling in dealing with toxins.

Now we’ve known the basics about toxins, this Go Low Tox course can help you to ditch toxins across all aspects of daily life.

go low tox

Alternatively, let’s take a look at a few simple tips to eliminate them from our body.

4. Keep the habits of exercise regularly

Taking regular exercise to release toxins through sweating is one of the best ways of eliminating toxins. The moves and stretches in all forms of exercises stimulate your lymph glands. They help to flush, to escalate body’s metabolism rate and remove toxins to keep your immune system fit. Any forms of exercises are useful. So adopt those that fit you the most. Yoga, cardiovascular, running, swimming, dancing, cycling all get your lungs to work. They work to eliminate toxins through your breath and sweat.

exercise regularly

5.     Detox your skin

As it’s the largest organ in our body, skin plays a crucial role in body detoxification, which means it’s involved in the process of eliminating wastes and impurities from your body, mainly through perspiration. That said, if the skin doesn’t release toxins effectively, you might experience dry or sensitive skin, body odour, acne, itchiness, rashes. So keep yourself properly hydrated by drinking enough water, exercise regularly to cleanse impurities from your body and exfoliate once a week (depending on your level of skin sensitivity).

6.     Follow a cleansing diet

cleansing diet with vegetables

Though this tip sounds like you’re actually taking steps to cleanse uninvited guests out of your body, it’s simply just eating healthy. In specific, it’s all about providing your liver with sufficient vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so that it can process the toxic buildup in your body. Simply put, consuming lots of fibre (raw, lightly steamed vegetables, whole grains) and easy-to-digest proteins. If you’re eating highly processed foods, switch to freshly prepared foods to stay away from artificial colourings and preservatives. Also, opt for organic produce instead of conventional ones to reduce toxins absorption.

7.     Detox your house

Before planning for a one-month detoxification routine, get rid of toxins in your home first. You might not have noticed that there’re so many chemicals around the house. They’re in your carpets, bedding, paints, glues. Now take a few steps into the bathroom, they’re there in your cleaning liquids, they may even hide in your shower gel and shampoo. Stroll into the kitchen and most familiar plastic items like drinking bottles, food cans might contain Bisphenol A (BPA) – which was proved to be one of the key causes of infertility and breast cancer3.

So try to eliminate all sources of toxin from your life, both in your house and in your workplace. Replace conventional furniture polishes, laundry products, dishwashing liquids and household cleaners with non-toxic, organic home care products. Alternatively, replace toxic household cleaners with baking soda and lemons.

How’ve you been eliminating toxins from your body? Share with us your tips in the comments section below.


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  • Ann.156 Reply

    Do you know any drink besides water that I can drink to detox my skin? Can I drink something like lemon water or cucumber water instead?

    November 21, 2018 at 1:25 pm

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