9 Surprising Ways you are Sabotaging your Skin

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9 Surprising Ways you are Sabotaging your Skin


Do you spend top dollar on skincare and cosmetics? That’s good for you. But be careful, you might be sabotaging your skin without even realizing it. Check out nine surprising ways you are doing wrong with your skin. And there are some useful tips for you to nurture your skin!


1. You don’t clean up regularly

Your bed should be your peaceful haven after a long work day. But sadly enough, it turns out to be the source of mites and dust which are harmful to your skin. They feed on your skin cells falling out each day. And these little things will attach your skin, causing skin irritation or even allergy.

So, how to clean up right? You need to wash the mattress cover with hot water (above 130 °F or above 50 °C). Take big items to the laundromat is also a good idea to protect your skin.

What’s more? Having a cat or a dog is good. But watch over them. These furry friends can bring dust or other allergens by their coat. Leave them outside or wash them thoroughly before letting them in.

2. Have you checked your brushes and sponges?

sabotaging your skin

Now, tell me the truth. How long is it since you last cleaned your makeup tools? Brushes and sponges are “must-buy” in your beauty list. But you need to know they may contain bacteria which makes or skin dull if you don’t wash it thoroughly. I don’t want to scare you out, but the bacteria even cause skin infection.

So, don’t hesitate to spend a couple of minutes a week cleaning your brushes. All you need to do is clean them with warm water and a mild shampoo. For example, pick a special brush shampoo or your cleanser. Baby shampoo works well, too!

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3. You keep touching your dirty phone screen

The phone screen is dirtier than it seems to be. You check out the phones and don’t wash your hands after that. Then you pick your face. Or you often press your phone against the face.That’s the ways you are damaging your skin as there are millions of bacteria in the phone screen.

Keeping your phone clean is the key. If you are busy, just make sure to use hand sanitizer. And a speakerphone is also advisable to avoid contacting your phone screen.

4. You go to sleep with makeup on your face

I know we have days when we just want to lie on our beloved bed immediately! But wearing tons of make-up is a real burden to your skin and health. It speeds up aging, causing wrinkles and breakouts. Also, without removing eye-makeup, your eyes get red, irritated or infected1.

Don’t forget to remove all the make-ups and wash your face before going to bed. You now can sleep with a soothing mind without worrying about tons of dangers. Believe me; it is worth spending your precious time.

To be honest, I also hate to wash my face on the days when I am tired to death. On these days, a pack of face wipes with cleansing water is not bad at all!

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5. You don’t have enough sleep

Have you ever heard about “the beauty sleep”? A sound sleep is the greatest skincare in the world. When you are well-rested, your skin cells are repairing the damage and regenerating, bringing you a healthy and fresh look. You can also get rid of dark circles which often make you look old and tired.

So, how to have quality beauty sleep? Instead of surfing the Internet or working before bedtime, try more relaxing activities. You can soothe your tired feet with warm water or meditate for a few minutes. Listening to some favorite songs can bring you good sleep, too!

6. You don’t drink enough water – the key to beauty

sabotaging your skin
“Drink enough water”, “Water is the key” or “Water is the skin’s best friend.” Maybe you’re too familiar with this simple tip. But are you sure you are consuming enough water?  Many of us just drink whenever we’re thirsty and often skip it when we’re so into doing something.

Keep a bottle of water with you in case you are too lazy to move. Another tip is not to limit yourself to water. Try making water more “interesting” by adding some flavors. I prefer lime and orange.

Drinking enough water can’t be “enough” if you keep dehydrating. What does it mean? Well, alcohols take out water from your body only in a few instances, leaving a dry complexion. If you have a night hangover, hydrate yourself with plenty of water.

7. You are over-exfoliating your skin

Exfoliating is one of the magical ways to bring you a radiant and glow skin. But over-exfoliating is another thing. It will take your gorgeous look away and leave you a red and irritated skin. It may sound strange to you but sloughing off dead skin also leads to wrinkles2. Seriously!

How to bring back the true benefit of exfoliating? Do it once a week only. Plus, slough off gently. I am not a big fan of scrubs from nuts, shells or crystals as they are too rough for my skin. I guess this tip also works for other skin types.

8. You don’t know your skin well

It seems silly, but many of us don’t know our skin well. We may mistake our skin type, go for wrong skincare or apply the wrong tips. And when the time changes, do you still treat your skin as you did on the good old days? Do you know which product ingredients are skin-friendly?

Never too late to know more about your skin. Look for signs and symptoms and check which particular skin type you fall into. Then you’ll find out the best way to brighten your skin.

As for me, when I know that I belong to the world of sensitive skin, I change most of my beauty practices. I have learned to read the long lists of product ingredients, tested all the samples, made friends with natural remedies. And now I can protect myself from skin breakouts and increase its firmness.

9. You are making mistakes with showering


You may not realize that you are sabotaging your skin with some showering mistakes. Are you often take a hot and long showers? If yes, stop from now on. Indulging yourself in a hot shower washes away the good natural oils from your skin.

Plus, don’t use shampoo or showering gels which create a lot of bubbles. The last thing is rough wiping with hard towel hurts your hair and skin.

So, adjust the temperature to lukewarm. And instead of rough-dry with a towel,  go easy on your delicate skin with pat-drying with a soft cloth.

Don’t upset your skin anymore with these mistakes. It’s time to treat your skin with uttermost care and gentleness. You will soon have a glowing and healthy skin as the reward. Are there any other ways you are sabotaging your skin? If you have any idea, share with us!

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