Top Tips for Busy Mums to Find More Time

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Top Tips for Busy Mums to Find More Time

Busy mums always feel overwhelmed to do everything on a daily basis as the time is limited. However, do not worry, as the key to many of your issues is time management!

In the modern life, everyone has limited time and often wants to do everything in the quickest way possible. This has become a nightmare for busy mums, having to balance their life between work and their families. They get stressed, not having enough time to take care of their kids as well as themselves. If you are in this stream, then this article is for you. Here are a few noteworthy ways to solve some of those issues!

1 – Plan well and rearrange your schedule

Welcome to the busy world! You firstly need to arrange your time. You should make your detailed plan as well as a to-do list on a regular basis. You may hate planning, but it will save you time and keep you organised!

By creating a plan, you’ll be able to stay on task.

You don’t need to become a planner addict, but setting daily and weekly tasks will support you with controlling your time management. Just create a frequent planner or any other type of plan that would help you complete your tasks and stay ahead of thing. For instance, you could use a paper calendar to take notes, and also have a smaller version to keep with you wherever you go.

2 – Have appropriate working hours

Whether you are running a business or working for someone else, you should have appropriate working hours. In other words, you should let other people what time you are available for work and what time is your personal time.  It also means that your boss or clients should not call you or send emails in the late evenings, early mornings, or on the weekends.

3 – Try to have daily goals

A to-do list is suitable for all busy people, but it’ll feel boring doing it in an automatic way. Instead, make your daily goals more engaging by including some ambitious tasks. This would help to encourage you!

4 – Do not multitask

You are not a robot, so don’t attempt to do many different tasks at once. This is one of the biggest misconceptions for all busy mums, as they think that they should combine some jobs to save time. Contrarily, your nerves cannot do several tasks at once, as your brain will stay focused on each work and do it best only! Believe or not, you could improve your productivity when you undertake every task individually.

5 – Get rid of perfection

Remember that everything has more than one side. Perfection does not exist in actuality, but is a concept of our mind only! Don’t try to be the perfect mom by doing all the housework, but try to share some tasks with other members. Try to use your time efficiently!

6 – Do not join in groups with gossips

Keeping your eyes on other unnecessary stuff will waste you much more time you may know. You achieve nothing if you participate in gossips or office politics. Therefore, do not make friends or take part in groups with gossips. It’s particularly important if you work in a big team.

7 – Try to build positive habits

Good habits are an excellent way to control your time for both you and your family. For instance, create a routine for your kids to tidy their rooms or wash their clothes on the weekends. Also, you may rinse the dishes right after finishing dinner and keep all your bills in the right place to review them later when necessary.

8 – Do not use social media all the time

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have tons of features of entertainment. This, however, is the fastest and easiest way to destroy your time budget. Set time to connect through social media once per day, to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances only!

9 – Limit your smartphone use

Your cell phone is an incredible friend to help you accomplish some vital things in your life. Nonetheless, this device can often tie up your schedule. Your phone is a possible enemy, reducing or deteriorating your sleep if you place it on your bed. It’s also a great idea to turn off your cell phone to focus on important tasks.

10 – Do not say YES every time

Some people cannot say ‘no’ to others, as they believe it would be hurtful to the person hearing it. This sounds ridiculous but is often the case.

I have a friendly colleague that treats others well and never says no to her boss or any other coworkers. This is a huge downfall of hers, constantly wanting to meet everyone’s requirements.

Please keep in mind that you are just a human and you still have some limitations.

If you are on this track, you should practise saying ‘no’ when your abilities can’t meet their requirements due to your prior commitments. Remove the guilty feeling from your mind!

#11 – Remember great moments to become inspiration tools for your sanity

Working hard is good but does not push it to the last point. It means that you still need to get relaxation or a few laughs in the office or at home every day. Prepare time for vacations and family activities to balance your life.

#12 – Take care of yourself

If you want to handle everything in your life, your health should be stable. To achieve this, you need to recover your body and build a healthy lifestyle. Do exercises, eat more veggies, drink lots of juices, and so on.

You don’t need to become a superwoman to complete everything. Just save your time and do it smartly.

The fact is that you often have enough time to control everything if you have the right tricks to apply. Let’s start using them today!


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Comments (3)

  • Easy Ways to Get Your Body Back in Shape After Pregnancy Reply

    you can ease into your new strength training routine over a period of a few weeks, while some other moms might need extra time

    August 8, 2018 at 5:28 pm
  • Layla Reply

    Thank you for this useful post. I try to make a plan and avoid gossip groups and limit my time on social media. They work for me.

    November 14, 2018 at 11:04 am
  • Teele Reply

    This article really did pull up my socks on being a push-over person. I have no idea why and how did I become a person who always says YES to everything after giving birth. It seems like nature capability of taking care had risen up I guess. Being a push-over is not always a good idea when you have tons of things to do ahead, especially taking care of my infants. Thanks for the tips.

    January 23, 2019 at 11:13 pm

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