The Wonderful Benefits of Beeswax Wraps & Why You Should Try Them Today!

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The Wonderful Benefits of Beeswax Wraps & Why You Should Try Them Today!

If you are a part of the environmentally conscious crowd, finding new and simple ways to help protect Mother Earth is always a big plus. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to an eco-friendly concept that is getting increasingly popular by the day, especially in Australia. That concept is none other than beeswax wraps! If you have never heard of them, it’s time to sit back and explore the wonderful benefits of beeswax wraps with us!

Honeybee beewax wraps

What are beeswax wraps?

Beeswax wraps are fabric sheets made from organic cotton that are coated with a mixture consisting of bee’s wax, tree resin and oils like jojoba and coconut. You can use beeswax wraps to cover your food, storage in the refrigerator as well as to take with you to school or work. They are natural, reusable, waste-free, plastic-free and good for the environment.

Using plastic wraps are extremely wasteful. With only one single use, they are quickly then thrown into the trash and sent to the top of the huge plastic waste mountain the world is currently struggling with.

We encourage you to switch to beeswax wraps to save our planet and cut down on your plastic waste footprint. They serve the same, if not, better, purpose as plastic wraps and we can boldly claim that they do a far better job when it comes to food storage. Forget about the plastic wrap! Beeswax wraps are the way to go.

The wonderful benefits of beeswax wraps

So, let’s talk in details about the benefits of beeswax wraps.

1. They save you money

An average family uses about 20 plastic wrap rolls a year. The total yearly cost amounting to about 410 AUD. Meanwhile, beeswax wraps are reusable and they can last up to a whole year. The price of a 4-pack beeswax wraps is 55 AUD. Not only is this far cheaper but less wasteful for family consumption.

2. They keep your food fresh for a long time

Plastic wraps are not breathable. Covering your food with plastic can trap heat and make the food go bad faster as well as accelerates mold growth. Beeswax wraps, on the other hand, are breathable and so they keep food fresher for longer. If you have a habit of storing food then forgetting about it, beeswax wraps are just what you need. No more green fuzzy numbers in last week’s left overs.

3. They are reusable and easy to care for

Not only are beeswax wraps reusable but they are super easy to use and take care of. Before using a wrap, warm the wrap first with your hands. The heat makes the wrap more pliable, allowing you to mould it around food, kitchenware or fold it into a pouch to store food inside. When placed in the refrigerator, the wrap becomes firm and retains its shape. When you are done with the wrap, just wash it with cold water and soap or dish-washing liquid. After that, let it drip dry and it’s ready for use again! One more thing, just remember that beeswax wraps can’t be used to store raw, uncooked meat.

 4. They are biodegradable

The protective coating on beeswax wraps will wear away after 6 months to 1 year, depending on how well you take care of the wraps. Being made fo natural ingredients, you can use old wraps as compost. Beeswax wraps are biodegradable so they work well in the garden unlike plastic wraps. If you care for the environment, it’s time to switch to eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives – any actions, no matter big or small, are needed to protect the Earth and our local wildlife.

 5. They are multi-taskers

Beeswax wraps can be used in many different ways other than just covering your leftover food. First of all, they can be used for fresh fruits like avocado, apple, orange… The wraps are flexible so they can hug the shape of sliced fruit better and create a seal, which keeps your fruits fresher for longer. If you are creative and enjoy oragmai, fold the wraps into a small pouches so that you can store snacks in your purse or your pocket. You can also roll the wraps to create a straw since you know how terrible plastic straws are to the environment. We are sure you will be able to find the perfect way to put the wraps to good use. They are multi-taskers after all!

Our recommendations

Now that you have learned about the wonderful benefits of beeswax wraps, we want to share with you some of our favourite options for beeswax wraps. The products are all available in our shop.


We hope that you have learned some helpful information on how to reduce kitchen waste and food wraps. Beeswax wraps are eco-friendly, easy to use, easy to care for and lovely to look at (they come with all kinds of colourful designs). They also keep your food fresher for longer and do not negatively effect the quality of your food. It’s time to say no to those flimsy and disposable plastic wrap and up your food storage game!

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