The Ultimate Back to School Checklist for Parents

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The Ultimate Back to School Checklist for Parents

It may be a little overwhelming for both you and your kids to get ready for a fresh start of this new school semester. The moment both of you have to switch from holiday-mode to school-mode, without preparations, can make the event becomes a little stressful. I want to share with you, a simple but practical back to school checklist that can help to kick start a wonderful term, in which you and the kids can both enjoy. Let’s start!


One Week Before School

I personally think that getting ready a week before school is necessary. This is because your kids need an adequate amount of time to get used to changes. It will help you to gradually get your child back to school habits easier and much more comfortably. There are three things that you may want to consider to prepare for your child, at this stage:

1. Adjust sleeping schedule

A week prior to school is a good time to start shaping your kid’s sleeping routine again, after a long summer break from school. I think it would be ideal if the whole family can be involved in this activity together. This is because your child is eager to do things with you as a family. They will tend to enjoy and adapt to changes more quickly when you accompany them1.

We have mentioned in a  previous article, on how sleep is closely related to the performance and well-being of a person. So you may want to tailor a sleeping schedule that provides enough sleep for your child and also fits with the school and extra curriculum schedule.

2. Prepare school supplies


It is important to shop for crucial school supplies that your youngsters need,  so that they won’t feel like they miss out on things during their first day of school. You can find out the stationery list from the school’s website or school newsletter in the last week of term 4. You can join in with your child to create a list of school supplies that are needed. After that, you guys can start a fun shopping experience together. Don’t hesitate to go shopping more than once, as you may not get everything on the first trip. There is still plenty of time before the first school day, so don’t rush and try to get everything perfect on the first shopping trip.

3. Talk to your child

Now, you may want to let your youngsters talk about the feelings that they have, prior to going back to school, so that you can share with them your experience on school problems and how they can handle themselves. Also, don’t forget to talk to them about the essential social skills such as how to make new friends, how to be resilient, confident and persistent. Once they get a hand on social and emotional skills, they are pretty much set for happy school experience.

A Few Days Before School

1. Create healthy lunch boxes

As parents, we are often concerned about nutrition in our children’s diet. Regular canteen food is not a good option for them. So, having healthy lunch boxes for our children is one of the most important things to pay attention to.

I always want to prepare the healthiest food for my child, but sometimes, it can become a little boring as I ran out of ideas. This problem can be avoided if you let your children involved in making lunch boxes for themselves. You can have a look at our previous post on for some inspirations.

Having appealing yummy lunchboxes does not only mean the inside, but also the outside. If you haven’t considered about using a sustainable lunch box and drink bottle, you may want to think about it now. This is because out of the many of the lunch boxes and drink bottles out there, a lot of them can contain toxins such as BPA and lead. Sustainable lunch boxes and drink bottles are considered to be healthy for your children and also friendly to the environment.  Check out our best selling kid bottles and lunchboxes below:

HYDRO FLASK Wide Mouth Kids - Straw Lid Double Insulated - Frost 355ml

HYDRO FLASK Wide Mouth Kids – Straw Lid Double Insulated – Frost 355ml


HYDRO FLASK Wide Mouth Kids - Straw Lid Double Insulated - Lemon 355ml

HYDRO FLASK Wide Mouth Kids – Straw Lid Double Insulated – Lemon 355ml


EVER ECO Stainless Steel Bento Snack Box 3 Compartments 1

EVER ECO Stainless Steel Bento Snack Box 3 Compartments

Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box 800 ml

Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box 800 ml

Once you get everything done, don’t forget to attach a reassuring note such as “Enjoy your lunch”, “Made with love”, “You are doing great!” to your child’s lunch box to make him or her feel great.

2. Get the backpack & uniform ready

Let your children pack their bag and get the uniform ready. You can help them out a little, but do allow some space for them to do the majority of the work by themselves. This will promote responsibility and independence in them at an early age.

The First Day of School

1. Ready for breakfast

Breakfast is pretty much the most important meal of the day. Even though you already have quality lunch boxes ready for your kids, but a quality breakfast is still needed. Imagine your child has to start classes with an empty stomach and feeling knackered; it’s surely not a good experience to have. Do prepare a fun and balanced breakfast with foods that your kids are craving for.

family enjoying breakfast

Remember when planning out their sleeping schedule and morning routine; leave plenty of time for your child to enjoy breakfast. Breakfast in a rush may cause stomach problems and unpleasant feelings for your child throughout the school day.

2. Travelling to school

The first few days of school, you may want to personally take your kids to their classrooms to check on how they are doing. Afterwards, you may want to help find your child a friend that he or she wants to walk to school with if they are big enough. Sometimes, your kid may even have found a friend beforehand and refuse to let you take her/him to school. That is no joke! Everything can happen unexpectedly.

3. Interact with the teacher

On my child’s first day at school, I always try to talk to her teacher briefly to say hello and share information about how my daughter’s feeling such as whether she’s a bit anxious or not. This helps in having a smooth beginning and transition, as the teacher will know exactly what my girl is experiencing.

4. Make celebration

Don’t forget to make a little celebration at the end of the day, as your child completes his her first day back to school or first day at school. It can be a big achievement for her or him, to start a new semester, being in an old yet slightly refreshed different environment, meeting different new people and learning new life experiences every day. A small reward will make your youngsters feel great and boost their motivation.

After all, everything that I suggest on the checklist should be fun for both you and your kids. It may provide a great jumpstart for a new semester. While also encourage you to embrace your relationship with your children.

Do you have any favourite tip that you would like to share with us? Please leave a comment below or email us at

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