The Benefits of Organic and Natural Products for Your Family

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The Benefits of Organic and Natural Products for Your Family

Thanks to the growing number of studies and the surge in health awareness around the world, more families are considering the benefits of reconnecting with Mother Nature. In the earliest stages of this health and fitness revolution, we’ve seen many an expert advising us to go organic in terms of our diets, but the range of choices keeps getting wider in other aspects of our life, as well.

organic_lifeFrom skincare, clothes, cleaning supplies, all the way to food, opting for all-natural and organic has become far more affordable than it once was, and the number of available products keeps growing. If you’re still having second thoughts, let’s take a look at a few benefits you can expect from such a lifestyle change!

Fewer skin troubles

safe for the skin

If you’re a parent, you know well how sensitive your child’s skin can be to all sorts of influences, whether it’s just a temperature change or applying a new rash lotion. Take a closer look at the labels of the products you choose – most if not all of them are brimming with chemicals.

Natural skincare based solely on naturally-derived ingredients is typically very minimalist, which means it contains fewer harmful substances, and is known not to cause any skin issues. For example, natural soap bars based on skin-nourishing goodies such as organic coconut oil and a range of skin-friendly butters and oils are an excellent choice. Add to that, organic-made Bubba Blue cot sheets, towels, and swaddling sets are perfect for ensuring your baby’s skin is safe from irritation.

Better nutrition

better nutrition

For the sake of mass production and cutting costs, the agricultural industry has implemented many unhealthy approaches to simplify their processes. They use synthetic pesticides, hormones, antibiotics to keep their livestock healthy, and chemically-based fertilizers for their soil. On the other hand, organic farming allows for use of natural means to get healthier, safer products.

Simply put, organic food ensures that in addition to getting the right amount of nutrients from every bite, you also protect yourself from unnecessary exposure to pesticides, toxins, and chemicals. Nowadays, the production and distribution of organic food has become even more convenient, so you can find organic food online and have it delivered to your doorstep. This makes it simpler for busy families to stick to healthy options despite their hectic schedules.

A healthier home

Traditional cleaning products might feel like the safest option to get rid of dirt and germs, but you would be surprised to discover that some of the simplest, natural ingredients you can find in your own kitchen cabinet can be even more effective. What’s more, they limit your exposure to harmful chemicals such as phthalates or ammonia, and you can still keep your home spotless without the negative side-effects.

Instead, you can choose natural cleansers for everyday use that will keep your cleaning habits simple, and truly clean. On the other hand, you can also take some time to make your own blends with simple ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and essential oils, for a variety of surfaces.

Safeguarding the planet

safeguarding the planet

Finally, if you’re not just a health-conscious family, but an eco-conscious one as well, you’ll be happy to hear that going organic truly means going green. Just like pesticides, chemicals, and other toxic elements cannot be good for your own immune system and wellbeing, they can also pose a threat to our eco-system and all of its living creatures.

By switching to organic, natural products in every aspect of your life, you will also help protect the planet from the harm of toxic buildup and they also reduce our carbon footprint. You’ll not only provide your little ones with a wonderful present but also serve as a role model for them to build a better future.

One healthy choice at a time, you can support your family and make a difference to preserve our natural resources. Fortunately, you now have access to a wide range of products as well as recipes to stick to natural and organic ingredients only, so that you can stay true to your healthy lifestyle, hassle and worry-free.

This is a Guest Post from Zara Lewis.

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  • Sandi Woods Reply

    Thanks for the informative article. I guess these benefits can offset the higher prices of organic products.

    December 10, 2018 at 8:29 am

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