Miranda Kerr’s Tips for Having Gorgeous Hair – Best Hair Tips

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Miranda Kerr’s Tips for Having Gorgeous Hair – Best Hair Tips

One of the best features of Miranda Kerr that I can’t divert my eyes away from is her beautiful and shiny hair. Just like her look and her figure, there is some serious work that Miranda gives on her hair to make sure it looks as perfect as possible.

Here are some of her best hair tips for your reference. If you are unsure what you need to do to take care of your hair, you could follow her steps and see if they work for you as well.

miranda kerr hair tips

1. Hair tips – How Miranda Kerr Washes Her Hair:

Miranda washes her hair every second day. She shampoos and conditions her hair like what you normally do. She then rinses it with cold water to close the hair shaft and make it looks really shiny.  She once said that “There’s nothing better for me after I’ve freshly washed my hair and I’ll let it dry on its own. I just love that feeling of clean hair because it’s like a luxury in life. After I get off an airplane the first thing I do is wash my hair. If my hair is not clean I don’t feel my best.”

After washing her hair, she often gives her head a massage. I think you could try to massage your head as well. This provides you a good chance to promote the blood flow in your head and reduce the risk of getting headaches.

Furthermore, she also dries her hair naturally, which will prevent your fragile hair from getting damaged by the excessive heat from the hair blower.

Besides, it is worth noting that Miranda uses no other types of hair products except for her shampoo and conditioner. Because when she works, her hair has been pulled and curled with a lot of different products and chemicals, it would be nice to have no products on the hair for sometimes so that it can breathe.

Just once in a while, Miranda would put a hair mask on the ends of the dry hair so that they will become smoother and shinier.

2.  Hair tips – How Miranda Uses Coconut Oil


If you follow Miranda tips about nutrients, you will know that coconut oil is one of the most used ingredients in her kitchen. She cooks using coconut oil as a sauce and also drinks smoothies blended with this oil.

Furthermore, she uses this oil as a make-up removal for some sensitive parts in her skin and of course uses this on her hair.  She says that she even “sleeps with coconut oil in my hair”.

Once a week, Miranda would apply coconut oil onto her hair to provide nutrients for her scalp and make her hair look really shiny.

With coconut oil, you simply need to mix it with a bit of warm water and apply the mixture onto your hair, whether it is dry or wet. You can leave coconut oil on your hair as long as you want, you can see Miranda even put it overnight. If you do so, coconut oil and all of it nutrients will have a lot of time to penetrate into your hair and your scalp, enhancing and promoting the health of your hair.

Tip:  Don’t boil your coconut oil. It will degenerate in quality if gone through an excessive amount of heat.

miranda kerr hair tips

3. Hair tips – How Miranda Kerr Eats for Her Hair

In order to care for the inner health of her hair, Miranda has stressed many times in various interviews about her diet for good hair.  Her favourite foods include salmon, avocado, pine nuts, almond oil, macadamia oil and coconut oil.  These ingredients are rich in Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids which support the growth of your hair and nourish it to bring shiny and smooth hair.

Recap: So what can we learn from these beauty tips for healthy hair?

  • Make sure you wash your hair frequently, ideally is 1 in every 2 days. Don’t wash it too often to provide enough nutrients to your hair without washing off all of the protective barriers of the scalp.
  • After you wash your hair, give your head a good massage and let the hair dry naturally.
  • Don’t apply too many products on your hair except shampoo and conditioner. In order to take care of your hair, use coconut oil instead.
  • Miranda only uses organic and natural hair care products, which provide the best result for her hair. You should also invest in these products as their long term benefits will overpower the cost to a great extent.
  • Lastly, you should have a healthy lifestyle which includes drinking water regularly and eating delicious and healthy foods.

Overall, it turns out that Miranda Kerr’s healthy hair tips are pretty simple. You need to wash your hair frequently and leave it dry naturally. Furthermore, you should apply coconut oil once a week along with having a healthy lifestyle such as eating a lot of green vegetables and drinking water frequently during the day.

 All of these will contribute to a healthy and beautiful hair and if you are able to follow her hair care tips, you will surely see better and more beautiful hair in a short time.

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  • Doyel Mondal Reply

    That was so nice.I love Miranda Kerr not for her skin or hair but the person she is in real life.when I first saw Miranda I fell in love with her amazing personality and beautiful smile,she is a wonderful woman and truly a role model for young girls like us .She motivates us to live a healthy , toxic free life.Love u Miranda kerr

    May 18, 2019 at 8:01 pm

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