Journey towards Low Tox Life: Alexx Stuart’s Story

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Journey towards Low Tox Life: Alexx Stuart’s Story

Low Tox Life founder explains how to hit rewind to a healthier you and healthier planet.

Ever glanced through the product label of your everyday products? Confused about what hydrogenated vegetable oil or BHT really is and why they are present in your breakfast cereal boxes? Wonder what gives your lipsticks that fabulous red hue? We all know how difficult it is to choose what to buy or what not to buy when all products appear to be “natural”, “toxic-free” and “eco-friendly”. Fret not! Alexx Stuart was once facing the same problem. Yet she managed to teach herself how to sift through the unknown nasties. 10 years later, she is currently a book author, a highly sought-after speaker and an educator who helps real people make better choices for their health and our planet.

I had the privilege to meet Alexx at the Ryde Library where she gave an author talk about her new book Low Tox Life in 2018. I feel that Alexx and I are really connected, we were both became awaken and more aware of the side effects of the things we use in our daily life after our own personal experiences. Read on for Alexx’s story of a health crisis that inspired her journey towards the low tox life and I hope you might pick up one or two new nuggets of wisdom for a healthier you and a healthier planet.

Alexx Stuart - Low tox life


1) Q: Thank you for sitting down with us today, I appreciate you taking your time to do this interview. I’m sure our readers would be very excited to hear what you will be sharing with us. Firstly, could you please tell us a bit of background about you and what motivates you to start Low Tox Life?
A: It coincided with the end to chronic tonsillitis – something I’d experienced anywhere between 2-5 times a year for nearly two decades. A friend suggested I went to see a naturopath because the antibiotics had stopped working, I’d never heard of one but I went in faith and this wonderful woman put me on some herbs and a simple semi-fast of broth, brown rice and carrots for 3 days and I got better. She then suggested I maintain a gluten-free diet for a few months and see if it made a difference, as some research had emerged linking gluten sensitivity (ie non coeliac sensitivity to gluten) with strep bacteria strains responsible for the infection. I was willing to try and although I found it really hard, what it meant was that for the first time in my life I had to read the fine print of packaged foods. I was shocked. Not only was I looking for wheat, barley, oats, rye or spelt but I was looking for ‘hydrolysed protein’, certain other additives made from wheat such as glucose often is… Gluten was everywhere BUT so was a whole bunch of other strange stuff I discovered in that process. I felt a huge sense of injustice that food companies were allowed to add carcinogenic colourants, excitatory additives to addict us and petroleum derived additives for ‘freshness’ that it was a huge motivator in my first low tox lesson that I now teach: Move from packets to produce. Draw where your average shopping basket is as a point on the packets to produce scale and keep focusing on heading closer to a high produce drive diet. From there I learnt about regenerative agriculture, biodynamics, organic farming and kept doing better and better by people, animals and planet as I went but it all started for me there and from there my desire to cook well so I never had to feel I was missing out. I taught myself to cook properly from 30 onwards really. It wasn’t a natural talent or inclination but with a potent “why” I became hooked! And from there, it was a natural progression to look into personal care, cleaning products and then basically EVERYTHING once you realise it all matters… Once I’d read all the books I could at the time and with my strong teaching / facilitator background spanning two industries at that point, I just had to become an educator and support to people in this space – it was SO HARD to find information and I had people asking me once I knew so voila: I came up with the term “low tox” inspiring a gentle, non black and white approach (ie I didn’t like words like ‘free’ and ‘quitting’ and ‘no/non’). 10 years later, it’s a book, blog, podcast, speaking tour, 6 e-courses to support our community’s goals and more and I’m proud to say we continually receive feedback on the life changing and positive nature of the courses so it’s mission accomplished: Simple, empowering learning spaces to help people create the change they wish for – for a healthier you and a happier planet.


2) Q: I heard that you are opening up the next intake of the Go Low Tox course soon, could you please tell us an overview of the course and what are the main topics that you will cover?
A: Yes! It’s just around the corner and we’re only having 2 live launches this year. I created the course 5 years ago now in 2014 and we’ve had thousands of beautiful success stories through the doors of all shapes and sizes when it comes to what people achieve for themselves and their families. We cover 25 topics from personal care and cleaning, through to plastics, teeth, water, furniture, textiles/clothes, detoxification, bacteria, mold, dust, EMFs, pets, pests, renovation… The list goes on! It truly is the most comprehensive resource online. So if you like the idea of being able to ask a tonne of questions and having the support of a whole lot of people going through the information with you to chat about what you learn / find / are challenged by, don’t take it from me but from our course alumni, it’s a game changer. Anyone can read an Instagram post here or a blog post with no scientific backing there and think “Oh cool, I’ll make a change”. There’s a lot of opinions online, rather than fact, and there’s a lot of conflicting information, so a course, backed by doctors, scientists and practitioners, coached by me and over 3000+ product recommendations, 25+ interviews + downloadables, cheat sheets for the busy people and more, means you’re actually going to achieve what you’ve wanted to for ages: Clarification on what’s to be avoided, what to do instead (whether you’re a DIY’er or prefer to buy products) and you can go for it. Your pace, your way and feeling fantastically positive about what you have around your home as well as about the world we live in, by the end of our time together.


3) Q: There are so many aspects of our life that we need to review and change to ditch all the toxins out of our bodies and homes. For someone who just started the Low Tox Life journey, what would be the top 2-3 important areas that you think they should focus on first?

A: If you wanted to have a quick win today, I’d say ditch your mainstream fabric softener and scented candles. People have the most incredible awakenings about how they affect you, once you haven’t had them in your home for a while. And if you’re already on the swaps train and want to do something a little more advanced, look at your “antibacteria” levels… How much stuff do you use in your home that’s antibacterial. Switch to versions that don’t contain triclosan (pro tip: It can even be in your toothpaste!) and let the balance of nature take over in your cleaning products rather than using chemicals that strip all bacteria from your home. If you’ve already sorted all of that out, think about your dust in your home and consider getting it tested for mould levels to ensure your home is not water damaged in some way. MouldLab in Newcastle are wonderful and fast at sending you a kit to test your dust with.


4) Q: I have two young kids myself, I often try to teach them the concept of protecting the environment, eating healthy food etc.. where appropriate. But sometimes they don’t get it, do you have any tips for mums to get their kids to join in the journey as well especially the teenager ones?
A: Most importantly here we have to remember: It is you AND them against the baddies who contaminate our food, toys & personal care. It is NOT you against your children. So anyway we communicate needs to reinforce our bond and remind them we’re acting out of love for them and our planet, NOT to be ‘mean and not give them things’. So if they can’t have the lipgloss they wanted at the clothing shop because of dodgy ingredients, you can say “Let’s go to a beautiful shop online and you can choose a colour there” so that they get something, just not the tox thing that initially was on their radar. And when you explain why “Sweetheart, unfortunately these companies are allowed to put al lot of ingredients in things that our bodies don’t understand and they can eventually cause issues either for us or our planet and the animals and fishies. Lucky there are a whole bunch of awesome alternatives now so it doesn’t mean we have to go without if it’s something you really want.” Documentaries like STINK the movie, That Sugar Film and BagIt the plastics documentary are great too because someone ELSE is sharing the information, not  ‘the mean parent who says no to things’.


5) Q: Would you like to share with us a success story of one of your students whose life and health was transformed after taking the course?
A: Gosh… So much success. I’ve been invited to 1st birthdays twice now and in the speech been referred to as “the one who made our baby possible at all” – that was pretty darn special!!! I received an email just the other day about a couple who’d tried every fertility intervention possible, then did the course and were able to have the bub. So that makes 3 bubs I know of, in the world because of Go Low Tox. I’ve had literally hundreds of people say goodbye to migraines, headaches, hay fever, hives, eczema over the years. It’s unpredictable and the results are big and small, but results – even if the wonderful psychological ones of feeling less pressured to buy lots of stuff in life – are beautiful results all the same!
Here are some testimonials from other customers:


6) Q: Great, and what support will the students have after the course?
A: The people who do Go Low Tox have my coaching support throughout the 5 weeks as well as our weekly Q&A calls. Often you have all this information online if you’re trying to shop better, but you don’t have an expert or practitioner you can ask. Our courses always have that level of support for peace of mind. Then, you have a beautiful course portal that you can log into and go at your pace through the information (no need to ‘turn up’ at a specific time each day) and then inside, the access to all of the topics as they unfold, relevant research, additional resources, practitioner/scientist interviews, product recommendations and much more. You even have a digital notepad to use – if you’re choosing Lifetime access option which 90% of people do, you can use that as a section to make lists / cross off action items and make notes of what you want to research further / ask in the Q&A so you don’t forget… A LOT of support to make change right and make it stick!


7) Q:  So, I’m also a regular listener of your podcast where you interview many research experts and scientists on your show, would you be able to give us a sneak peek of who will be your next guests?
A: Ooh next on the podcast hey? Let’s just say it’s going to be a very good year indeed! Dr Jolene Brighten who I adore is coming up, integrative paediatrician Dr Leila Mason, Joe Burgo PhD on the subject of SHAME, and topics such as holistic pet care, brain health, perimenopause and more… Can’t wait for another wonderful year on the show! :heart:

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I am not gonna lie that it was great to spend some one-on-one time with Alexx to pick her brain on how to make the switch towards a low tox life. Apart from so much knowledge and wisdom, Alexx helped me to realise that it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes along the way because a low tox life doesn’t mean to be perfect. Instead of focusing on the guilty past, I now learn how to embrace my wrong choices while appreciating all excitements of making positive changes that work myself. So let’s start small and enjoy the process of living a fabulous low tox life because it’s never too late to do better!

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