Introducing Beauty Bar with Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides

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Introducing Beauty Bar with Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides

Whole+Pure is one of our newest merchant members in July. Samantha Kirton, the founder of Whole+Pure has shared with us why we should choose hydrolysed collagen peptides below.

At Whole+Pure, we source ingredients that have specific purposes in the body. This includes hydrolysed collagen peptides found in The Beauty Bar.

For you to understand why these peptides are so important and why we should consume them in certain forms, let’s back track. Back in the days of our ancestors (think primal ancestors….), diets were rich in collagen. Considering collagen is predominantly present in skin, organ meats, bones and cartilage, as we mostly all know, it then makes sense that this is exactly where we source collagen from as a dietary source – the bones, cartilage, organs and hides of animals (for our product it comes exclusively from the bovine hide).

Our ancestors were thus able to obtain significant amounts of collagen from the foods they ate, considering the nose-to-toe approach to cooking also seen prolifically in the paleo movement of recent years. Our ancestors not only ate parts of the animal that were high in collagen, they topped this up with a diet high in replenishing soups and stews made from bone broth, another healthy dietary source of collagen.

Today, very few of us are willing to eat in a manner that provides us with similar levels of dietary collagen. We rarely eat organ meats, if at all, and the time it takes to stew up bones in a bone broth makes is unfeasible for many. As such, products such as The Beauty Bar have been formulated – to help increase your dietary collagen consumption to assist you in keeping your body’s collagen at an optimal level.

Now onto why we hydrolyse our collagen. Though hydrolysis is a form of processing, we prefer the resulting outcome due to its low molecular weight.

This low molecular weight makes for a much more highly absorbable and digestible end product to the consumer, which means it can be distributed through the body more efficiently. In fact, studies show that collagen peptides can be efficiently absorbed and distributed to the deepest layer of skin, the dermis. Here, collagen stimulates the proliferation and motility (movement) of fibroblasts, those cells found in connective tissue that are responsible for the production of collagen and other fibres.

High quality hydrolysed collagen can also bring on an increase in the density and diameter of collagen fibres, increase hyaluronic acid production (in turn, increasing the moisture content of skin) and can activate protective mechanisms in the fight against UV radiation…. To name but a few of its rather impressive benefits.

It is easy to see how collagen ingestion, in turn, helps creates collagen production within the body. And hence the claim of food as medicine by Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

You can get Whole+Pure’s Collagen Beauty Bars here:

This article was first published on Whole+Pure website. 

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