Impressive Health Benefits of Cycling

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Impressive Health Benefits of Cycling

This is a guest post from Zara Lewis.

We all know that being physically active is one of the key elements to a long, healthy and happy life. But what is the best way to get moving? Well, it might not be the best exercise in the world, but cycling definitely comes close! It’s easy, affordable, practical and great for your physical and mental health. Here’s a list of amazing benefits of cycling that will immediately inspire you to pedal.

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It keeps your weight in check

If you want to lose some weight, all you need to do is burn more calories than you consume, either by exercising or controlling your portions. However, if you’re not thrilled with an idea of skipping dessert, you can jump on your bike instead and burn anywhere from 400 to 1000 calories per hour! If you eat healthy, that’s more than enough to maintain a healthy weight!

It builds muscles

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Aside from keeping your weight in check, cycling can also help you build muscles, especially in your legs and glutes. Sure, muscles make you look super sexy, but they are also vital to your general health! They boost your metabolism, help maintain a strong immune system, increase bone strength and aid weight loss. And don’t worry if you’re not thrilled about looking like the Hulk! Unless you cycle every day for hours, you’ll just develop healthy, toned leg muscles.

It prevents heart disease

Cycling not only decreases the chance of being overweight (which is one of the main causes of heart disease) but it also raises heart rate and helps blood circulate through your body. Because of all these benefits, cycling is highly recommended by the NHS, especially to people with heart disease predispositions.

It strengthens your lungs

You don’t need to be a sports expert to see that your lungs work much harder when you pedal. On average, you need 10 times more oxygen when you ride than when you watch Netflix. All of that strengthens your cardiovascular system and allows your lungs to be more efficient.

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It’s a great arthritis treatment

Cycling is also one of the best physical activities for arthritis prevention and symptom reduction. Many muscles in your lower legs and thighs move, flex and strengthen which is great for battling and controlling arthritis. And even if you’re in a bad physical shape, you can still cycle with a little help from technology. For instance, you can get yourself a Bosch electric bike that allows you to set the level of assistance and get a good exercise without getting too exhausted! This way, you’ll get all the physical and mental benefits of cycling while slowly building your stamina and technique.

It keeps blood sugar at bay

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Diabetes is a horrible disease that puts you at risk of various cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, skin issues and vision problems. Luckily, a good physical activity like cycling can help you battle diabetes and keep you healthy and strong. It uses glucose from your cells and blood for energy which helps control diabetes.

It helps your mood

Sure, cycling is very beneficial to your physical health, but it’s also amazing for battling all sorts of mental health issues. Being physically active releases endorphins and adrenaline which boost mood and confidence and make you happier and more energized. Just like any sport, cycling is also great for reducing stress, especially if you ride your bike in nature. Riding in groups is also great because it helps you socialize with likeminded people, make new friends and boost your mood. Cycling also builds stamina, and more stamina you have, the more energized you feel which has great benefits for your happiness levels.

It promotes better sleep

People who suffer from insomnia are often advised to take up cycling as a path towards better and healthier sleep. Cycling involves many muscles and plenty of mental strength, which can leave you exhausted after a good ride. This means you’ll look forward to hitting the hay and getting some shuteye. On average, insomniacs who cycle every day for half an hour fall asleep faster and get almost an hour of additional sleep per night!

So, if you want to boost your overall health, grab your bike and pedal your heart out! Soon, you’ll notice many amazing physical and mental health benefits that will allow you to live a long, happy and healthy life!

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