How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations – Stress Control

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How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations – Stress Control


Daily life can be stressful. A person has to worry about their responsibilities at work, their responsibilities at home , and little things that just never seem to go right. When you are stressed you may have a hard time staying calm and may act out of character. There are some tips on how to stand calm and control stress.

how to stay calm

Look For Stress Signs

One of the best ways to manage stress is to keep stress levels low to begin with. You should be aware of the reaction of your body when you begin to become stressed. You should take some time to think about any changes in your physical or mental welling and what caused those changes. Once you are aware of your body’s signals that it is getting stressed out you can take a minute to stop back and relax.

Shift Focus

shift focus

 You may often focus on the one thing that is causing you to have stress. Instead of thinking about the stressor you should change your focus. To do this you should find a place that is quiet and sit down for a couple of minutes. You should then inhale and exhale deeply. This should be done several times until the body begins to calm down. Once the body is calm you should think about something that makes you happy to keep the stressful event out of your mind.

 Plan Ahead


Life event happen that can make a you late. You can get stuck in traffic, get caught behind a slow moving car, and other things that can put you behind. It is best to have a plan in case these and other stressful events happen. When the stressor appears you will already have a plan on how to deal with it and this will reduce your stress level.

Control Breathing When Feeling Stress Coming Your Way

Control your breathing is one of the things to calm anxiety. When you inhale and exhale your diaphragm relaxes. This will help calm the nervous system and help the muscles that have tensed up will be able to relax. When you feel stress coming on you should take a couple of minutes to breathe in and out deeply. This is a natural way to help the body relax.

Be Flexible

It seems that no matter how well you have a course of action planned out there are some things that may change the plans. It is important to be flexible. There is not just one right way to do things. If the first way does not work out well there will be other ways that you can get things accomplished. If you are willing to be flexible you will not feel as stressed out. You may even like the new way more than your original plan.

 How to Stay Calm? Get Up and Move


Exercise is one of the things to calm you down. It’s  is a great way to combat the effect that stress is having on the body. Exercising will increase the hormones in the body that will be used to help lower stress levels. You can turn on some music and go for a walk or even hit the gym. When you are done exercising you will be feeling much better and much calmer.

 Eat the Right Snack


When you are feeling stressed you may often reach for foods that are unhealthy to make you feel better. Sometimes a piece of cake can make you happy. Unhealthy snacks especially those that are high in sugar can cause an increase in blood sugar levels. This will make you feel more jittery and even more tension. When you are looking for a treat to help combat stress there are some healthy options. Strawberries dipped in a little bit of chocolate will work. Strawberries and other fruits that are high in Vitamin C will help fight off the free radicals in the body as well as the stress hormone cortisol1. Eating fresh celery and carrots are said to help relieve frustration that has been built up in the body.

These are just some things that you can do to stay calm and handle stress in a hectic life. Things will not always go well and there will be frustrating moments on a daily basis. When you know how to manage their stress you will find out that you are much happier in all aspects in your life.

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