How to Look Younger than Your Real Age? It’s Possible!

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How to Look Younger than Your Real Age? It’s Possible!

Everyone wants to grow old and still keeps that youthful look. Growing old is appreciated due to the desirable characteristics associated with it, such as wisdom. However, looking old is not such a hot thing, in fact, looking old has in several cases been a woman’s worst nightmare. What if you are told that there are tips on how to make you look younger than your real age? The ideal antidote for aging is by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as appropriate skin care, makeup tips, and hairdos.

how to look younger

Natural Ways to Look Younger

1)   Maintain Healthy Diet Habits

To keep an appropriate body metabolism, ensure you take a well-balanced diet; follow the following tips:

Proteins: Incorporate enough protein in your diet as proteins heal and restore damaged or old body tissues1.

Fruits and vegetables: You can also look younger by eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies. For example, greens, which are high in vitamin K, reduces bruising and red vegetables such as tomatoes, which are rich in lycopene, protects your skin from the effects of the sun.

Reduce fats: As one gets older, the body’s metabolism slows down; therefore, you may want to slow down on fats.

Cut down on sugar: Too much sugar has many adverse effects and it also causes wrinkles; therefore, by cutting down your sugar intake, you will be doing yourself a huge favor.

Drink lots of water: Water flushes out bodily toxins and therefore keeps your body clean and less prone to illness. For me, water is my best friend; it keeps my skin hydrated.

Coffee: To look younger than your age, you can also add coffee to your daily diet as it lessens your chances of developing dementia2.

Red wine: Drink wine but do not overdo it, a glass per day would do. Red wine has antioxidant properties that inhibit free radicals from damaging the skin3.


2)   Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Sleep: Deprivation of enough sleep makes you feel hazy; hence, getting enough sleep will make you look younger.

Relaxation: Take a time to relax and a mental break, you could try yoga, deep breathing, and meditation therapy. Deep breathing is my favorite; after all, it is free.


New hobbies: Take up new hobbies that will challenge your mind and keep you occupied. I started cooking as a hobby and it is totally engaging. My new hobby has become like an anti-aging remedy.

Exercise: Regular exercise is an excellent way to ensure you look younger. Apart from toning your skin, exercising helps in eliminating toxins in the form of sweat. I usually follow the exercise with a warm shower to expel toxins completely.

Smoking: Avoid or quit smoking because it lessens your stamina, increase your risk of health issues, and causes premature skin aging.

3) Skin Care Tips for a Youthful Appearance

Moisturize: moisturizing your skin every day will ensure that your skin is flexible, fresh and looks younger.

Protect your skin against UV rays: UV radiations accelerate the aging process; therefore, an effective sunscreen lotion should be necessary when seeking to look younger.

Treat brown skin spots: I usually do this by using lemon juice. The juice serves as a gentle bleaching agent.

Evade using strong, chemical-based skin products: Using natural products on your skin is the ideal option. If possible, use organic skin care products as they can effectively make you look younger. Additionally, you should not overuse the skin products since they can have adverse impacts.

4) Makeup Tips for a Youthful Appearance

Use colored eye shadows as they will help open up the eyes and more significantly, it will make you look younger. Shiny and metallic eye shadows accentuate the wrinkles and fine lines; therefore, avoid them at all cost

Trim your eyebrows: trimming your eyebrow can actually make you look younger. However, if the eyebrows are wrongly shaped, they can make you look older. I believe the best way to trim them is the arch shape.

Use brighter but lighter lipsticks: dark lipstick colors might make you look even older than you really are.


Avoid using powder: since it might settle into fine lines and highlight them.

The addition of a white eyeshade dot to the eyes’ inner corners: will easily whiten the eye and ensures you look younger.

Apply a very thin layer of liquid shimmer: as it gives you a younger appearance and keeps your skin hydrated. A friend recommended the liquid shimmer and I have never looked back.

5) Hairdo Tips for a Youthful Appearance

Do not over-process your hair; choose hairdos that need minimal blow-drying. Volumize the hair and if possible, wear a hairstyle that matches the shape of your face.

For fair skin, choose lighter and warmer hair dyes. For a dull skin, add highlights that are soft around the face as it brightens your skin and gives you a youthful look.

Additional tip: Think young to look younger. Looking old is a physical as well as a psychological issue. When you think young, you will act younger, and in turn, everyone will think and believe that you are younger.

The above tips are among the many guidelines of how to look younger. So, what is your most valuable and favorite one? Feel free to express your advice and secrets on ways to look and feel younger than your real age.


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