Exfoliation – Different ways to exfoliate your skin

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Exfoliation – Different ways to exfoliate your skin

If you are aspiring after healthy skin, then you should not miss out on exfoliation. It is used to remove dead cells, leaving your skin stronger and brighter. Before undertaking exfoliation, it is important that you identify the type of your skin. Also, some previous knowledge about exfoliation products will come in handy.

There are two major methods to exfoliate your skin:

1/ Mechanical means

Decide on the right scrubbing pad or cloth

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Scrubbing your skin is an integral part of the exfoliation process. Thus, choosing a suitable pad/cloth is essential. However, if such thing is not available, you can always find an alternative such as sponges or skincare brushes, though a piece of cloth/pad is still highly recommended.

Before scrubbing, make sure that your pad is wet. Next, scrub your skin in circle. You need to scrub all over your skin rather than focus on a specific area. If you keep scrubbing just one place, your skin is likely to suffer from irritation.

Add abrasive compound to the cloth

After you have decided on your scrubbing cloth, the next step is to add some abrasive compound to it. It enhances the productivity of exfoliation, which you may find a surprise by how your skin looks after scrubbing. These days there is a wide range of products that have abrasive compound available on the market. You can choose from salt crystals or pumice particles, it’s your choice.

Bear in mind that attaining the natural beauty does not necessarily require wealth. You can opt for the products with a decent price and still great effectiveness. Do your own research online or consult skin care professionals for more details. Another thing to remember is for those who have sensitive skin, you shouldn’t use scrubs with added abrasive compound. It might backfire and cause your skin to feel uncomfortable.

Apply microdermabrasion

exfoliation, exfoliate, scrub

Microdermabrasion is favored by many people since it contributes to the removal of dead cells. You should arrange your microdermabrasion treatment beforehand to ensure your appointments are available. Usually, it takes about half an hour for microdermabrasion to be completed.

If you don’t want to go outside, you can do it at home. Thanks to technological advances, microdermabrasion tools and machines have become reality, allowing you to perform your treatment without the need to go anywhere. And don’t forget to use a skin moisturizer afterward.

2) Chemical means

Use fruits and vegetables

Do you know that fruits and vegetables contain enzymes, which can help with the elimination of dead cells? Fruit-based products are strongly suggested by skincare professionals. Why? They are natural and can be used even by those with sensitive skin. Plus, there is little risk of side effects.

Apply the fruit-based cream onto your face. Leave it there for 15 minutes. Such amount of time will be enough for enzymes to be diffused. Using enzyme-based products means that scrubbing is no longer necessary. So don’t even bother to decide on the right scrubbing pad or cloth.

Use exfoliating acids

Certain types of acids are known to do wonders for your skin. They are able to remove dead cells, making your face look brighter. Exfoliating acids can be utilized on a regular basis by most people. However, for those with sensitive or oily skin, be careful with the frequent use of acids. It is best that you should ask for advice first before scrubbing your face with acids.

If you are using glycolic acids, you may want to take note of this. It is their characteristic that they render your skin more sensitive when you come into contact with the sun. That is why you should use sunscreen before going out to prevent your skin from harmful UV rays.

Homemade Exfoliating Scrubs

There are various ingredients you can simply take out from your closet to make a pot of exfoliating scrubs. They include oatmeal, baking soda honey and coconut pulp. You can also use fresh ground coffee; just make sure they are ground finely and gentle enough on your skin.

  • Coconut oil and sugar facial scrub: create a mixture of coconut oil and sugar with a ratio of 1:1: and apply it to your skin. After massage this mixture gently on your skin for around 3 to 5 minutes, you can wash your face off and wipe out all remaining oil and sugar.
  • Exfoliating honey and baking soda mask and scrub: with this method, you can also mix 1 spoon of honey with 1 spoon of baking soda. Gentle massage your face for 5 minutes or just leave the mixture on your face for 10 minutes so that all of the nutrients will go deeper into your skin. Wash your face off and clean it thoroughly with a warm cloth.
  • Lemon Sugar scrub: You will need one cup of sugar and 1 cup of carrier oil such as jojoba oil and 10 drops of lemon oil. Heat the mixture and let it warm before you apply it on your skin. Like other methods, you could do it gently and wash off afterwards.
  • You can also try other combinations such as olive oil and sugar and salt and fresh ground coffee.
  • For your body, you can try creating a mixture of almonds and oatmeal with other essential oils such as lavender or jasmine. They help you exfoliate your skin as well as bringing a calming and relaxing effect.

Natural Exfoliating Scrub Products

If you want to buy a scrub product from a beauty store, you should buy a natural product, which is more effective and safer for your skin. Some normal products which are available widely on the market tend to over exfoliate your skin, removing the protective barrier of your skin and making it less healthy than normal.

Furthermore, products full of rough and harsh chemical compounds will promote the break out in acne-prone skin and make the redness in your skin becomes worse. Therefore, it is important that you can switch to natural and organic exfoliating scrub.

Natural products will help you to exfoliate your skin nicely, promote the natural cell turnover and help to keep your skin hydrated. Some of the best products are:

  • Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque: with natural crushed cranberry seed to help exfoliate your skin thoroughly but still gently.
  • exfoliation, exfoliate, scrubKORA Organics by Miranda Kerr – Exfoliating Cream: with extracts from chamomile and aloe Vera to help exfoliate your skin while keeping it hydrated and healthy.exfoliate, exfoliation, scrubFor masks, you can go for Alkaitis Enzyme Exfoliating Mask: with a lot of natural ingredients such as blueberry, bilberry and turmeric.

variant_43057Furthermore, for a gentle scrub that could be applied to all types of skin, you could go for Simple As That Exfoliant which has very basic ingredients including rice powder, cacao and sea salt.

For a product to exfoliate your body, you could choose Organics Jojoba Oil Exfoliating Body Wash which contains pure essential oils such as peppermint oil and lemon oil with no parabens and synthetic colors and fragrance.

3) Tips on Exfoliating Your Skin for Best Result

  • You should only exfoliate your skin once a week. Do it more than that can take out the necessary protective barrier of your skin and badly damage your skin as it has no time to recover and regenerate new cells from the last time you exfoliate your skin. Your skin is also more fragile under the sun and against environmental toxins.
  • You should use specific exfoliator for different areas of your body. You need to do so because body scrubs will be harsher for your face and your face scrubs will also be harsher for you eye area. If you use body scrubs for your face, it will lead to serious irritation. And if you use eye scrubs for your body, it will not be effective.
  • You should exfoliate your skin in the morning. It is more effective this way than if you do it in the evening. When your skin gets a chance to recover itself in the evening, using an exfoliator can help to make room for new cells.
  • Before you exfoliate your skin, rinse it with lukewarm water so that all the pores can be opened up and the scrub can go deeper into your skin for better effectiveness.


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