10 Healthy Snack Ideas to Take to Work

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10 Healthy Snack Ideas to Take to Work

Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is an important aspect of staying within a healthy weight range and maintaining good overall health. The downfall for many people in achieving this is snacking throughout the day. When hunger strikes during the working day, people are often tempted to eat snacks that are high in calories, fat and salt. However, there are plenty of healthy snacks at work you can choose.

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The Importance of Healthy Snacks at Work

When people are following a healthy eating plan, they often mistakenly believe that snacking is a bad thing. This is not true; it is just a case of making sure you are eating snacks that are a positive contribution to your daily diet. Snacking can actually prevent overeating and also helps you to keep your blood sugar levels steady. Furthermore, healthy snacks are a great way to include all the nutrients you need in your diet.

Choosing unhealthy snacks can potentially contribute to a range of detrimental health effects, including some serious illnesses and conditions. Just some of the possible effects of unhealthy snacking include weight gain, tooth decay, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease1.

Tips when Choosing Healthy Snack at Work

There are some steps you can take that will help you to choose the right snacks to bring to work. Using the following tips will help you to choose snacks that you can include as part of a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet.

  • Try to make the snacks yourself rather than buying prepacked options. This way, you know exactly what the snack contains.
  • If you do buy prepacked foods, then make sure you read the labels carefully to make sure the snack is not too high in calories, fat, sugar or salt.
  • Don’t be misled by the wording on packages. For example, ‘reduced fat’ does not necessarily mean that it is a low-fat, healthy product. It merely means that there is less fat than the original or competitive products.
  • Watch your portion size. Snacks are not the same as a meal but, if you are not careful, you will find yourself eating the same number of calories and fat as you would in one of your main meals.
  • Opt for whole grain bread or wraps for sandwiches, regardless of whether you are buying a sandwich or making it yourself. Similarly, for rice and pasta salad bowls, choose brown rice or wholemeal pasta rather than white varieties.
  • Avoid adding sauces or dressings as these can completely transform a healthy snack into an unhealthy one. If you must add a dress, opt for ones that are based on olive oil, such as vinaigrettes2.

10 Ideas for Healthy Snacks at Work

What you choose to snack on at work will predominantly depend on your personal preferences. However, there are plenty of things to choose from, so you won’t get stuck in a rut eating the same snacks each day. Here are just ten healthy snacks to inspire you.

  • Almonds – These nuts contain protein, healthy fats, and nine essential nutrients. Therefore, they will not just satisfy your cravings, they will also contribute positively to your daily nutritional requirements.
  • Flavored rice cakes – Rice cakes are low in calories and come in a variety of different flavors to suit different tastes.
  • Dried fruit – High in fiber and protein, these are a great alternative to fresh fruit. Dried fruit has a different texture and is a good option for keeping in your store cupboard at home to grab when you are in a rush and do not have time to make snacks for work.
  • Fresh fruit – Fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Most have a delicious sweet flavour, perfect if you have a sweet tooth.

  • Crudités with hummus – Crudites are sticks of raw vegetables. Using a variety of different vegetables will provide you with all the nutrients you need and they are a particularly healthy source of carbohydrates. Chickpeas, the main ingredient of hummus, will provide you with protein, fiber, calcium, and iron.

  • Low-fat popcorn – People who enjoy salty, savory flavors often choose chips to snack on, but these are high in fat and low in nutritional value. A great alternative that will fulfil your craving for salt is low-fat popcorn. Furthermore, popcorn is a fantastic source of fiber.
  • Yogurt – Calcium, protein, magnesium, vitamins, potassium and probiotics are all found in yoghurt. The good bacteria found in many yoghurts is beneficial to your digestive tract.
  • Tomato juice – When people think they are hungry; they are often actually thirsty. Drinking tomato juice is a clever and healthy way of satisfying both hunger and thirst.
  • Hard boiled eggs – If you want to satisfy your hunger and also stabilize your blood sugar levels, then hard boiled eggs are a sound choice. The one downside of this protein-rich food is the smell.


  • Cottage cheese – Another good source of protein is cottage cheese and this can help to keep your blood sugar levels steady throughout the working day. However, cottage cheese must always be kept in a refrigerator, so it is only an appropriate snack for the workplace if there is a refrigerator in the office kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Although many people believe that snacking between meals is bad for you, it is actually beneficial to your health if you make the right choices for healthy snacks at work. There are plenty of healthy snack options that are suitable for eating in the workplace and many of these nutritional qualities that are beneficial to your health.


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