Guide to The Ultimate Kids Party

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Guide to The Ultimate Kids Party

We understand the pressure upon mums to host the best party for your kid. We know the desire for it to be fun, healthy and sustainable, which can make you scrambled to create a perfect party for your kids and their guests. Luckily we have collected some of our favourite tips and tricks to make it easy for you. Without further ado, let’s check them out.

kids partying

Your Ultimate Check List

This list covers all of the things that you need to consider to host a kid’s party:

  • The age of your kid- This factor will determine most of the other things such as the venue and the time of the party.
  • Your budget- How much you can afford for your kid party. You need to consider paying for food, decorations, and activities. Still, you don’t need to pay a huge sum of money to have a great party for your kids to enjoy.
  • The venue– If your kid is under 1, the best venue is probably home. When they are older, you can hire a small local venue. Consider one with a soft play area.
  • The time– Mid-morning or mid-afternoon would be the ideal time. When your kid is less than 1 year old, you should make sure to avoid nap times as well.
  • The guest list– Write down who you are going to invite so that you don’t forget anyone. Think about the capacity of the venue as well as your budget as well.
  • The party theme– Ask your kid what they like and plan to decorate the party accordingly. The party theme should suit the venue, the food, and the dress code. Some ideas could be children’s movie-themed like Moana, Frozen, or the Avengers.
  • The activities– Consider what fun and interesting activities such as relay races or capture the flag. These activities would be easy to set up, and the kids can learn a great deal about team building. Another fun activity to set up is building an obstacle course, including hoops, to crawl or jump through. The obstacle can be the objects around your house.

Kids partying outdoors

  • The food– Finger foods, sandwiches, and pizza slices are easy to make and fun to have. We have some interesting recipes below. Remember to check them out.
  • Photographer – Consider hiring or assigning a photographer. You will not want to miss any moment of the entire event. While hiring a photographer can be expensive, you can assign one of your family members to do the job. Nowadays, even one can take great photos with the smartphone and a few apps.
  • Planning – Make sure you can plan as early as possible. Thus, you would have time to comparison shop and hunt down sales.


Outdoor Activities: Kids love competitions and being active. Provide them both with relay races and obstacle course. You can be as creative as you want in designing the course. The things you might need include hula hoops, batons (for racing relays), bandannas for a three-legged race or sack for a sack race, spoons and boiled eggs, jump ropes, plastic cones (or something like that for waving through) and of course, medals and prizes.

Indoor Activities: In case of bad weather, or simply because you don’t have much space for outdoor obstacle courses, you can still set up a wide range of fun activities indoor.

  • Kids will always love traditional games such as Simon says, Limbo, Musical chairs, ho potato or Hide and seek. Write down the list of the games your kids would love to play.
  • You can also set up some other board games as well. Try some recommendations for creative indoor games here.
  • Baking birthday party: Kids can create the baked stuff like cakes or cookies. Remember to choose a simple recipe and prepare all of the ingredients beforehand.
  • Beading party or floral arrangements: Kids love playing around creating creative things like this for sure. These activities are also easy to prepare for as well.

Quick, easy and healthy food options

Snacks and sweets

 Here are some of our favourite recipes- Easy to make and delicious as well!!!

1) Fruit kebabs

fruit kebabs.jpg

  • Get a whole bunch of fruit and stick them on kebab sticks.
  • Use watermelon, strawberries, and grapes – whatever the seasonal fruit are.

 2) Yoghurt popsicles

  • Fill ice cube trays with yoghurt and place in freezer for 2 hours
  • When almost frozen push popsicle sticks into the yoghurt
  • Wait until completely set

3) Healthy chocolate crackles


  • 200g coconut oil
  • ½ cup honey
  • 4 cups puffed toasted muesli
  • 1 cup desiccated coconut
  • 3 tbsp cocoa
  • ¼ cup sultanas


  • Line a slice tin with baking paper and set aside
  • Stir coconut oil and honey until melted on low heat
  • In a large bowl combine muesli, coconut, cocoa and sultanas
  • Pour over melted coconut oil and honey and mix well
  • Press into slices. Refrigerate until set

4) Chocolate dipped fruit

Chocolate dipped strawberries.jpg

  • Using strawberries or bananas. Melt some chocolate over low heat (we recommend dark chocolate to keep the kid’s sugar levels down)
  • Cover the fruit with the chocolate – add sprinkles/ coconut etc to make it look festive
  • Refrigerate until set

5) Crispy chickpeas


  • Tin chickpeas
  • Sunflower oil
  • Dried harissa spice


  • Drain and rinse chickpeas. Pat them dry with some kitchen paper
  • Preheat (fan) oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Line a baking tray
  • Pour dry chickpeas in a bowl and add 2 tbsp of sunflower oil along with a teaspoon of dried harissa spice. Stir well. Pour the contents into your baking tray
  • Bake in oven for 20 mins

This recipe is a good alternative to nuts and handy if hosting a party with nut allergies.

Savoury snacks

  1. Make it yourself pizza station

This is an easy and quick way to organise lunch for all the kids. By letting the kids ‘build their own’ pizza you are allowing their creative juices to flow and enhancing creativity.

Our one tip however is to lay down a plastic table cover because things could get a little messy.

  • Ingredients
  • I ball refrigerated pizza dough (can be store bought)
  • I cup pizza sauce
  • Desired toppings (cheese, ham, pineapple, tomato etc)
  • Method
  • Put all toppings in bowls around the table and let the kids decide for themselves

 You can do this with tacos, pasta and fruit kebab as well.


We all know the most important part of a birthday party is of course the cake. Here we have some of our favourite cake recipes:

  • Gluten-Free options: Here are some recipes for gluten free cakes.
  • You can also try decorating your cake into a sheep cake (here), a lego cake (here) or a fun kitkat cake (here). My favourite one is the zoo train cake (here) – it took a long time to make but my kids and their guests all enjoyed it.

Last but not least, don’t forget fresh fruits, juice, and water. Remember to keep the soda to the minimum or none at all.

Decorations and cutlery


  • Don’t bother with paper invitations as they get thrown out straight away. You can also save money and paper as well.
  • Maybe try email invitations – your kids can help design it on Canva however they want


  • Don’t use single-use plastic and opt for stainless steel or reusable plastic cups and plates instead
  • Or use biodegradable cutleries made from bamboos or sugarcane


  • Try and recycle as many decorations as possible from previous parties (such as the happy birthday signs – you can use it for your parties and your kids)
  • Go to your garden and get some flowers to decorate the room. Remember to cut off all of the thorns to avoid safety hazards.
  • Get some bowls of water and add fun food colouring – you can fill these up with shells, lego or figurines.

It seems like there are a lot of things to do, right? Well, planning for a great kid party can be stressful. But it is also a fun experience, and seeing our kids happy makes it all well worth it. Just make sure you plan well beforehand and write down all of the things that you need to do.  We hope that with our ultimate guide above, you are on your way to hosting an enjoyable event for your kids.

We wish you all enjoy your quality time together! We’d love to see how you celebrate your kids’ parties, share with us below or email us at organic (at)

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