What are they?

Turkey which belongs to the genus Meleagris is a big bird native to the America.  It’s a popular tradition in the America for families to get together and enjoy a large and juicy turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Even the United States’ President always has an official turkey on Thanksgiving Day every year for the customary White House celebration. Turkey has an awesome specific taste that is mild and yet salty especially mixing very well with bread, veggies, and fruits.

Turkey health food

Health Benefits of Turkey

Rich source of protein

Turkey contains a high amount of protein so it is very effective for kids with behavioral disorders lacking muscle tone. If our bodies don’t be provided enough protein, it is very easy to cause jitteriness, lack of energy, spaciness, feeling of weakness and poor pallor.

Maintain your brain power and lower your cholesterol.

The great Niacin found in turkey can help you increase your good HDL cholesterol whilst decreasing your bad LDL cholesterol. Also, turkey is a good source of B12 which has the ability to reduce the levels of homocysteine which is an element contributing to cognitive decline.

Lose weight to be freely

Its Vitamin B, B3, and B6 are very effective in losing weight. You will get 36% of daily recommended intake of B3 and 27% of B6 from turkey meat. Its B vitamins support your peristaltic contractions for passing waste through your intestines so it is extremely effective for people with chronically constipated and metabolism1.

Cancer Prevention

Trace minerals in turkey can support the prevention of cancer. Meanwhile, its selenium is necessary for your healthy function of the immune and thyroid system. Especially, selenium can help remove free radicals causing cancer from your body2.

How to Cook Turkey?

The most popular way to cook turkey is to roast them, however you can also try one of following delicious recipes:

  • Turkey meatloaf: This turkey dish is not only full of flavor but also low in fat. Here is the full recipe from Taste.
  • Turkey & cashew noodle stir-fry: What you need to do with this dish is to twist a frequent stir-fry with tender turkey in a sweet and thick sauce. The loads of flavor are created from turkey cooked with black bean sauce and chicken stock.
  • Mexican-style turkey burger: You can turn your roast turkey leftover into a sensational midweek meal just by some pantry staples.
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