Red meat

What are they?

Red meat is a reference to meat that appears red before cooking. Veal, lamb, beef, mutton, rabbit, pork, goat, beefalo and buffalo meat are all red meats. As a matter of fact, red meats are all meats derived from mammals. It is considered that all meats derived from livestock are red meats, according to The United States Department of Agriculture.

In nutritional science, while white meat is described as non-dark meat from chicken (except for leg or thigh) or fish; red meat, however, is described as any meat that has more myoglobin than white meat. For some special meat, such as pork, its nutritional definition is red meat while according to the common definition, it is white meat.

read meat health benefits

Health Benefits

  • Red meat contains a high level of vitamin B12 which is essentials for almost every system in the human body.
  • Vitamin D is also a beneficial nutrient contained in red meat.
  • The good source of essential nutrients and biological value protein in red meat make it a healthy, varied diet 1.

How to use them?

  • Red meat is ideally suitable for various recipes as curing, salting, smoking or adding preservatives.
  • Sausages, salami, ham, bacon and pâtés are common examples of processed red meats. These foods are not only high in saturated fat but also salt. However, they offer very little minerals and vitamins.
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