What are they?

Pineapple, which is native to China and South Asia, is luscious and versatile summer fruit. It comes from a deciduous tree growing in temperate regions around the world. It is a part of the Rosacea family (including fruits as cherries and plums) with the Latin names is Prunus persica.

Pineapple is a perennial, tropical, drought-tolerant plant. Its height is about 5 to 8 feet, and its cover can spread approximately 3 to 4 feet radius. Its leaves have waxy long, needle-tipped rosette shape while its stem is quite short and strong.

Pineapple health benefits

Health Benefits

  • Pineapple is a good source of vitamin C (131% of daily value). Vitamin C is well-known for its ability in suppressing colds, coughs, and flu symptoms.
  • Bromelain – a powerful anti-cancer compound is one of the essential nutrient contained in pineapple.
  • It is a nutritious fruit that helps relief from obesity, cholesterol, blood stasis, hypokalaemia and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Pineapple is a helpful treatment for asthma 1.
  • It supports healthy vision, nervous system, skincare, healthy bones, and teeth.
  • Its anti-ageing properties play an important role in detoxification and improving digestion and cellular health as well.
  • Pineapple also includes numerous essential nutrients and antioxidants which help to strengthen the immune system as well as supporting women during pregnancy.

How to use them?

In preparation, all you need is to chop pineapple’s top and bottom, then slice off the rind, top to bottom, all around, on a flat surface. Finally, you use a knife to slice the fruit into “rings.”

Pineapple itself is great by nature, and there are a lot of wonderful recipes with pineapple. For example:

  • Juicy pineapples cubes are perfectly suitable for toppings and fruit salads.
  • Fresh pineapple juice is a wonderfully refreshing drink that you should try.
  • This fruit can also be used as a great addition to jams, desserts and jellies.
  • Pineapple has various usages, especially as a flavouring.


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