What are they?

Orange is native to India or China, however, its origin is still a secret. Nowadays, they are well-known in the United States and are renowned as one of the most popular fruit crops in the world. At present, orange is mainly produced in Spain, China, United States, Turkey, Mexico and South Africa and exported from Brazil, China and Mexico.

Oranges are fruits of 30-foot trees living in subtropics where water, sunshine and warmth are abundant. That’s why oranges are well-known in southern and western states like Florida and California.

It is no wonder that oranges are globally one of the most common fruits because their juicy, sweet flavour and the good sources of vitamin C are well-known all over the world. Oranges are commonly available from summer to winter with seasonal variations that rely on the variety.

orange health benefits

Health Benefits

  • Vitamin C, which is necessary for fighting off germs as well as building resistance against infection, is the greatest nutritional appeal of oranges.
  • They also contain calcium that helps to distribute blood throughout the body.
  • The high level of vitamins in oranges plays an important role in converting food into fuel for energy.
  • Vitamin A, a prominent flavonoid that is good for your health, can be found in oranges, too.
  • Pectin contained in oranges not only help to maintain weights but also keeping the colon clean and run smoothly as well as decreasing blood cholesterol.
  • Hesperidin is an important flavonoid in oranges which significantly helps to reduce diastolic blood pressure (DBP) just after a period of four-week using orange juice 1.

How to use them?

  • Generally, most common type of oranges is sweet, except for some bitter varieties. Orange is suitable for plain eating or making orange juice, zest from the peel, liqueurs and marmalade.
  • Your dishes will be perfect with the sweet, savoury flavour of oranges.
  • Oranges are a good partner of fennel or beetroot in your fresh salads.
  • They can be added with some poppy seeds and honey to make a savoury baked cake.
  • Oranges will make your glaze ham more ideal with its sweet and tangy coating.
  • The combination of orange and soy is a good idea for Asian-inspired chicken dishes.
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