What are they?

Lemons grow from evergreen trees, which are native to Asia- northern Burma and China. They have been cultivated for about 2500 years.

Lemons can be harvested all year round and can live in any kinds of soils and climates. The fruits have an ellipsoidal shape with bright yellow skin providing a mild sour taste depending on what types of lemons are.

lemons  health benefits

Health Benefits

Like many other citrus fruits, lemon provides a significant amount of vitamin C, which has to power to fight free radicals as well as oxidative agents in our body1. Therefore, our skin will have a better complexion and fewer wrinkles over time.

They are also a very effective method to boost the immune system, hence preventing and reducing symptoms of flu and colds effectively.

They are one of the best superfoods that can detox the liver by supporting the process of washing out toxins with its natural enzymes. These fruits also help eliminate calcium deposits in the arteries and kidney stones.

Finally, they contain an excellent source of minerals, which will help with the normal functions of our body’s organ systems.

How to use them?

  • Lemon juice: The most healthy and delicious way to enjoy lemons is to squeeze them and add to water with a little bit of sugar.
  • Drinks and smoothies: You can also add lemon to various drinks and smoothies such as berries smoothies or apple smoothies. They are a perfect addition to liquor such as Martini or Virgin Mary and Whisky sour.
  • Main dishes:Many main dishes use lemons such as smoked mackerel pilau rice or langoustine and salmon tart.
  • Salads:You can add some lemon juice to rocket and olive pasta salad or couscous salad.
  • Desserts: Lemons can also add extra strong flavours for desserts. You can try lemon and ricotta tar or vanilla and bourbon cheesecake with lemon.
  • Garnishing: Also, lemon leaves can be used to make tea as well as garnishing to many cooked meat and seafood dishes.
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