Tips To Fight Computer Fatigue and Protect Your Health

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Tips To Fight Computer Fatigue and Protect Your Health

Sitting. It’s been called the new smoking. Unfortunately, for those who spend a lion’s share of their time at work facing a computer screen, this news is doubly bad. And as if this isn’t bad enough, in most cases, they spend their working hours in front of a computer, often mirror the same activity when they get home, with computer games, personal business, and other functions summing up the hours. These long periods of inactivity often cause many forms of long-term as well as short-term risks including diabetes, cancer, obesity, decayed eyesight, back pain, computer fatigue, and much more. What follows is a short list of tips to fight computer fatigue and protect your health.

computer fatigue

Shit Properly to Protect Your Health

Sitting might be an immutable fact of today’s working life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do things that will minimize or practically eliminate its dangers. This includes, most notably, arranging the setup of your workspace to minimize the negative impact of stress on your body. The best example of this is not the fact that you are sitting, but it’s how you sit that causes undue problems. Ergonomics experts agree that we should sit at an angle of between 120 and 135 degrees. This means that you are not sitting forward or sitting up straight in your chair, but instead are sitting back slightly from the upright position. This minimizes the problem of pinching your spine, which causes strain.


Another solution to the problem of sitting is to stand. That’s right. It’s that simple. Stand up and get rid of your chair, or at least, use it a lot less than you now do. Obviously, most of today’s desks are not very conducive to standing, so numerous companies have provided an answer that others, such as Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci, Ernest Hemmingway, Virginia Woolf, have known for years: standing desks.

computer fatigue

Standing is a natural solution to many of the problems that sitting causes. Further, not only does it relieve stress, but it also improves posture and keeps you in better condition. For anyone who has spent their lives being active or even moderately active, sitting at a desk all day usually causes them to feel oppressed and restricted. For this reason, a standing desk usually has both mental as well as physical benefits.

Minimizing Eye Strain to Reduce Computer Fatigue

computer fatigue

Another detrimental effect that long term computer use has brought on people is its effect on eyesight. Simply put, eyes that are tired and dry are bad on eyesight and long term lead to decayed eyesight and other negative health effects. This is largely due to the effect that the attention we pay to our screens. We literally forget to blink, which causes dryness of the eyes. There are some eye exercises for computer fatigue such as palming, blinging, eye rolling, visual scanning, and focusing.

One solution to this problem can begin with your computer itself. This can be as easy as just looking at your screen to ensure that it isn’t too bright. If it is, reduce it. It’s also possible that the brightness of your screen could be just the opposite, it’s too dark. If so, make it brighter. If you are not sure about the brightness of your computer screen, there are several apps that can help you determine what is best and how to deal with it. One such app, called F.lux, adjusts the brightness of the screen to the time of day you are using your computer, being its brightest in the morning to turning your screen to a tint of orange as the day wears on. This makes the light easier on your eyes during the day and keeps the brightness of the screen from causing negative effects on your sleep patterns in the evening. Other apps time your attention span to remind you to take a break. Still others detect the ambient lighting in the room around you and adjusts the brightness of your screen accordingly.

There are also eye drops for computer fatigue when your eyes are tired and dried.


Taking a Break  to Improve Your Overall Health


Face it, work can absorb us, and to such a great degree that we forget that we are sitting in front of a screen nearly all day. Unfortunately, since we don’t often hurt until we have been working during a lion’s share of the day, we stay focused on our computers even longer, which makes the problem worse. The only way to avoid this problem is to take frequent and regular breaks. Most experts recommend taking a break every 40 minutes, or at least every hour. These breaks have several beneficial effects.

Getting moving


Getting up from your computer screen increases your heart rate and gets your blood flowing. This will improve your condition overall. It doesn’t matter what you do. Take a walk. Go to the bathroom, or just stand up and stretch your legs. The objective is to add movement to your day.

Refresh yourself


What good does it do to take a physical break but have your mind still be wrapped up with work? For this reason you should also give your mind a break as well. This is as easily accomplished as using an online app such as Rainy Mood (, which is a website that provides a 30-minute loop of high-quality sounds of heavy rain, thunder, chirping birds and other sounds of nature. Another site is Get Relaxed (, which offers a combination of soft relaxing soundscapes and visually appealing images to help you reduce stress levels. Another stress reliever is laughter. Research has shown that laughter will not only decreases stress, but it can also bring greater happiness, help relieve pain, and even increase immunity. Why not prescribe a high dose for yourself?

Final Word

These changes are, admittedly, not easy to implement overnight. After all, these changes amount to substantial changes in your work and life, but if you cannot change your lifestyle completely and all at once, you can change it incrementally over time. Pick one or two of these tips and gradually work them into your life until they become habits. The net result will be less computer fatigue and better health for you, both now and in the future.

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