Easy Skincare Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Radiant

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Easy Skincare Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Radiant

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, its main function is to protect your body from damage. Look at how well your skin treats you and how well it looks after you, why aren’t you doing the same?

Today, there are many products out on the market claiming various results. Using buzz language such as ‘anti-ageing’, ‘glowing’, ‘rejuvenation’, ‘repair’ are just a few of the words used by marketers to sell these over-priced and over-valued products.

Beautiful, healthy skin doesn’t just appear, it takes work and dedication. Fuelling your body with the right foods and giving your skin the proper nutrients through natural products will make a world of difference.

 Here at Naturely Shop we help promote the use of simplistic, organic and natural products. We love easy, quick and affordable ways to fix skin problems and we have decided to share our best secrets with you.

healthy skin


Moisturiser is a simple way to get your skin looking and feeling the best, however it is a step left out by so many people. Below we have debunked some common myths spread around about moisturiser.
Common myth 1: I have oily skin I don’t need to moisturise

  • WRONG: The power of moisturiser should not be taken lightly. Now we know the thought of putting on sticky moisturiser on top of an already shiny complexation doesn’t sound appealing. However, finding the right products/ moisturiser for your skin type can help to protect your skin from damage such as harsh UV rays.

 Common myth 2: I don’t need to moisturise in summer because it is so hot and I’m sweating

  • WRONG: OMG please never say this to us again! Sweating actually takes away all of your skins natural moisture. It is your body’s way of telling you that they need some love and attention. So please even if it is 40 degrees outside and you are feeling too hot to moisturise, please do. Your skin will thank you in the long run.

 Here are some of our favourite natural moisturisers – now you have no excuses to miss this step.

  • Almond Oil: Can be used to treat dry skin and used in multiple forms. Use it as a natural cleanser or even mix into your moisturiser. You can even use it as a face mask, simply leave on skin for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  • Shea Butter: Excellent for those with dry skin as it reduces flaking, redness or peeling. You can get pure Shea butter from selected pharmacies.
  • Avocado: Okay now this one is for the brave – avocados work wonders for your skin and the results can be seen within days. Here is what you will need to make your very own DIY avocado moisturiser.
  • 1 organic avocado
  • 2 teaspoons of organic olive oil
  • Simply mix avocado in a blender until smooth
  • Mix oil in
  • Massage into skin; you can use it as an overnight moisturiser or as a facemask
  • We have a whole range of natural and organic moisturisers. We only use the highest quality products, so you are guaranteed to have healthy looking skin with these.

Makeup Remover

Not removing your makeup properly is undoubtedly one of the worst things you can do for your skin. All of that bacteria seeps into your pores resulting in acne and ageing skin.

Think of an unwashed beauty blender, the makeup stays on that tiny little sponge and continues to absorb. After a while of continuous use and not washing it, the beauty blender eventually becomes hard and cracks. That is what happens to your skin.

coconut oil



Coconut oil is a great way to naturally remove your makeup. Simply take a pea sized amount and rub between your hands so it warms up. Apply to face, moving your hands in circular motions. You will see the makeup starting to break down on your face. Coconut oil is great for those with sensitive skin as it is a gentle way to remove makeup and leaves your skin feeling moisturised.

 Acne Treatments

Acne can be caused by a variety of different factors such as hormone levels, blocked pores, poor diet or even hereditary factors. Now there are a lot of products on the market claiming to get rid of acne, however sometimes these can just worsen your skin.

Here are some of our favourite natural acne treatments:

  • Tea Tree Oil: has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Combine with your over-night moisturiser and apply to skin. Or use as a dedicated spot treatment.
  • Apple Cider vinegar: Clears skin problems that are caused by poor diet and gut issues. This can be taken through tablet form (once in the morning). Or combining equal parts apple cider vinegar and warm water and taking as a health shot in the morning.
  • Raw honey: Reduces breakouts while providing moisturising properties. Use as a cleanser in the shower (so steam is able to penetrate skin), or use as a facemask.
  • Aloe Vera: soothing ingredients that fights inflammation, redness and itching. We recommend using aloe vera directly from the plant and applying to skin (the gel can be found in the leaf). Use as a face mask and leave on skin for 10 minutes.

natural treatments

Now we know that everyone has different skin resulting in different skin problems. Try these natural remedies first. We also have a range of trusted acne and blemish control products.


Foods jammed pack with nutrients are your skins best friend! Consuming natural foods full of antioxidants will really shine though in your skin.
Here are some of the best foods you need to consume in order to have healthy looking skin.


  • Berries: full of antioxidants to help your skin from damage.
  • Carrot: High in Vitamin A, prevents skin damage and helps develop and maintain skin cells.
  • Salmon: High in Omega-3 and fatty acids, keeping your skin supple and moisturised.
  • Avocado: Now we know avocado is great for dry skin as it is high in fatty acids containing Vitamin C and E.

Handy Little Tips and Tricks

  • Use sunscreen! This is so important as sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It also protects your skin from sunburn and reduces the appearance of sun damage. Now if we don’t have you convinced to use sunscreen everyday it also helps with the prevention of dark spots, sagging and wrinkles.
  • Exfoliate! Most people are scared of exfoliating as they believe it can take off your skins natural moisture level. Depending on your skin type we recommend using a gentle exfoliator once a week. This will keep your skin feeling fresh as it helps to unclog pores and reduce the appearance of ageing. Here is a range of natural and gentle
  • Wash your makeup brushes! There is no need to buy fancy makeup brush cleaners, simply use mild soap and rub out the product on the back of your hand. This is so important if you are applying makeup regularly as bacteria can begin to live on your brushes and transfer to your skin.
  • Exercise! This is so important not only to live a healthy lifestyle but also for the appearance of your skin.
  • Water! This is your skins best friend. We recommend drinking 2-3L of water a day, you will really notice the results with this.
  • Collagen! This is so important as you get older, when signs of ageing appear it usually means that your collagen is reducing. Now you can take collagen in various forms but our favourite is in powder form. Simply mix into your smoothies, tea, coffee, water for a natural boost.

 We hope we have given you some easy tips to change your skincare habits. Don’t fall for those buzz words on skincare packaging, make a conscious effort to know and understand what you are looking for out of your products.

 We’d love to hear from you! If you have any further tips for our readers, want to share progress stories or simply just say hi; shout us an email at organic@naturelyshop.com.au

Live your best life, through your best skin!

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