Boost Your Kids’ Immune System Naturally

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Boost Your Kids’ Immune System Naturally

As soon as your kid starts going to kindergarten or school, it begins – the runny noses, coughing and never-ending flu are usually the result of a weakened immune system. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to strengthen it in a natural way. Here’s how.

Don’t let your kid stay up late

In other words, make sure your kid gets enough sleep. Babies up to a year of age need about 15 hours of sleep a day, kids between one and three years of age need 12-14 hours per day, and children between the age of three and twelve need about eleven hours of sleep each day. If they don’t get enough sleep during the night, have them take a nap in the afternoon. This could be difficult if a child is in day care, which means there are other kids around, and they want to play rather than sleep. However, sleep is essential for a good immune system, since kids may be more susceptible to illness if they’re sleep-deprived.


Healthy food for a healthy child

Boost the intake of vitamins through food. Start with the basic one – vitamin C. It can be found in fruit and vegetables, so give your kids oranges, strawberries or some mango whenever possible. Also, although not many kids enjoy vegetables, such as peppers or broccoli, do your best to make these as appealing as possible, since they’re loaded with vitamin C. Berries are full of antioxidants, almonds contain vitamin E and manganese, eggs are one of the rare foods with natural vitamin D, the probiotics your kid needs can be found in yoghurt, while omega-3 fats can be consumed through fish, such as salmon. All these are great for your child’s immune system. Other foods that can be very helpful include poultry, meat, spinach, sweet potatoes and various seeds. In the meantime, avoid processed food and sweetened drinks. Instead, have your kid drink water or natural tea with honey and lemon.

Reduce humidity in your home

Other than making it harder to sleep, humidity can also cause mould spores to multiply and grow. Black mould, a toxic fungus, usually grows inside humid rooms, causing various health problems, from skin irritation to allergies and other respiratory diseases. This can negatively affect your child’s immune system. So, in order to boost your kid’s immune system, get rid of the excess humidity inside your home by ventilating, removing the source of moisture or buying a reliable air purifier for mould. These air purifiers won’t remove the source of mould, but they can remove the mould spores from the air, so that your child can breathe better.

An active child for a strong immune system

Physical exercise can boost your kid’s immune system, so set a good example for your little one and find ways to be active together, preferably outdoors. Go cycling or hiking together, play sports on your local sports field or just play with a Frisbee. Your child can benefit greatly from being active and being out in the fresh air. Swimming in the summer or ice-skating in the winter are also great options for healthy family time. If your child is interested in a particular sport, sign them up for it and establish a good habit by taking them to practice regularly.

The importance of good hygiene

Avoiding germs means less stress on your kid’s immune system, so create good hygiene habits for them. Your child should regularly wash their hands with soap, especially before meals, after being outside, blowing their nose, using the toilet or playing with animals. When outside, carry disposable wipes with you. If your kid gets sick, buy them a new toothbrush. If the illness is viral, the virus from the “infected” toothbrush can be transferred to other family members’ toothbrushes, and if it’s bacterial, your kid can get ill again from using the same toothbrush.

Follow these tips to prevent your child from getting ill, or to speed up their recovery if they already are ill. And if in any doubt regarding your kid’s health, talk to your paediatrician for advice.

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  • Annie Reply

    Flu season is coming and these information are exactly what I need.

    November 21, 2018 at 1:39 pm

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