Bamboo Toothbrush- A Great Eco-Friendly Product For Your Teeth And The Planet

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Bamboo Toothbrush- A Great Eco-Friendly Product For Your Teeth And The Planet

Nowadays people are beginning to care more and more for the environment. As a result, there is an enormous number of eco-friendly products that have been, and will be, invented. And guess what? Bamboo toothbrushes are among them. Read on to discover what benefits a bamboo toothbrush can bring to you, your happy teeth as well as our amazing planet.

What does a bamboo toothbrush look like?

Well, a bamboo toothbrush looks as normal as any basic toothbrush. However, its handle is made of bamboo, not plastic. Not only is this much more ecologically sustainable, but the handle itself is much more comfortable with its natural surface. While plastic is heavy and boring, bamboo is light and lovely. And because bamboo is naturally porous, the wooden colour will eventually change from light to dark brown over frequent usage.

Good facts

Using bamboo toothbrushes as a routine helps to reduce wastes in the environment. Don’t worry about the brushing effect too – it is as good what a plastic toothbrush can offer.

Given its natural properties, bamboo can fight bacteria that penetrate its surface, therefore it can bring sound protection against harmful bacteria.

Careful attention

Sometimes it is not always what’s only on the inside that counts. Many producers may wrap the bamboo toothbrush in plastic packaging that cannot fulfil its value to be as eco-friendly as it should be. It is best to try and stick with compostable wrapping material.

Similarly, when disposing the toothbrush, the bamboo-part should be discarded properly to ensure eco-friendly practice. We will explain this further later on.

How eco-friendly is a bamboo toothbrush?

A bamboo toothbrush has 2 distinct components – and it is based on these we decide how truly eco-friendly it is.

Firstly, the handle should be made of bamboo. Given the naturally antimicrobial and biodegradable characteristics of this material, of course, this part is eco-friendly.

Secondly, the bristle can be made out of several different materials, either natural or artificial. If bristles are made of natural material, they are eco-friendly. Conversely, if bristles are made of artificial material, then they are not.

Some bristly pointers:

  • Pig hair is a common ‘natural material’ used, however, it can often be difficult to know how hygienic it is and the processes they used to treat it.

  • In terms of artificial material, nylon is the best and most common choice thanks to its resilient and strong fibers.

  • Some producers may claim that their bristles are made of pure bamboo. However, often their bristles are a mixture of bamboo and polyester, meaning they are not 100% eco-friendly.

How to choose a bamboo toothbrush and dispose of it properly?

There are four key factors that you need to consider when choosing your ideal bamboo toothbrush. They are the toothbrush head, handle, type of bristles and whether it is manual or electric.

Toothbrush Head

  • Traditionally, toothbrush heads are rectangular, designed that way to effectively clean the surface of your teeth. However, nowadays, toothbrush heads appear in a diamond shape and slightly narrower in size. This diamond shape enables easier access for reaching the teeth in the back. Though of course each mouth is different and so you can choose whichever head that allows you to brush the farthest teeth most easy.

  • In regard to sizing, the length varies depending on the age group of the user. For children between 0 and 2 years old, a toothbrush head length is approximately 15mm. For children between 2 and 6 years old, the length is 19mm and for children between 6 and 12 years old, a toothbrush head’s length is 22mm. For persons from 12 years old and up, a toothbrush head’s length is about 25mm. Don’t fret though! Producers usually mark toothbrushes specifically for each age group.

Toothbrush Handle

  • When holding, the handle should be long enough to feel comfortable. Thankfully, due to the bamboo handle, you should find it immediately being non-slip.


  • Most dentists would recommend a soft or extra-soft bristled toothbrush. Medium and hard bristles find it more difficult to reach areas under the gum and small spaces in-between the teeth. They can also cause gum damage, bruising and bleeding – prone to those who brush with strong force.

  • The shapes of bristles can be flat, rippled, or domed and the tips are usually pointed or rounded. Normally, the rounded tips protect our teeth better and is good to have a look out for.

Manual or Electric

  • Lastly, a bamboo toothbrush can be manual or electric – either can clean your teeth effectively. If you are always feeling a little sluggish in the morning or after a long day, then the electric head is right for you!

  • Keep in mind, an electric head should be changed every four months while a manual toothbrush should be changed every two-three months. By doing so, it ensures more effective cleaning with removal of food bits, plaque and bacteria.

So, you’ve now got the basics. But how do you keep the bamboo toothbrush clean and durable? Here are the three easy steps.

Step 1: After you finished with brushing your teeth, rinse the bristles under warm tap water to wash out all toothpaste suds and food debris.

Step 2: Use a towel to dry the bristles and the handle. This reduces chance for bacteria to grow and thus keep your toothbrush disinfected.

Step 3: Place the toothbrush with the head up in your toothbrush holder to keep it dry in between uses.

Your toothbrush handle will be clean and shining just like your teeth!

So it’s time to chuck the old toothbrush and get a new one. But how to dispose of the old one? By simply throwing out the bamboo toothbrush into the garbage bin, it doesn’t quite make a difference between a compostable bamboo handle and a plastic handle.

An appropriate way is firstly to remove any artificial bristles out of the head. Then, place the bamboo handle in the compost heap or even use it as a tree stack. By correctly composting, the contents will create a great addition to your garden! Check out how to compost properly in our blog.

By brushing your teeth twice a day with a bamboo toothbrush, you can create a great impact on our lovely planet. If you care about the environment just like you care for your healthy teeth, grab a bamboo toothbrush today!

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