5 Common Home Remedies for Makeup Removal

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5 Common Home Remedies for Makeup Removal

(Yes! We’ll do it au naturel)

Just last weekend I went home to an empty bottle of makeup remover after a very long day. I was really looking forward to kicking off my heels, taking a hot bath, changing into the new Snoopy PJ I just bought and sleeping until tomorrow afternoon. My plan was good until then. It bugged me so bad knowing I was left with two choices 1) washing my face with bar soap and water or 2) crying myself to sleep and just get a new bottle tomorrow.

Doesn’t this sound familiar to you? I bet you have lived this horror yourself too. So in order to spare both you and me from finding ourselves in the same situation again I’m going to introduce you to some amazing ways to remove your makeup easily and effectively. The best thing about these tips and tricks is they are home remedies (YAY!). Therefore not only the ingredients are all natural and chemical-free they can be found easily in your kitchen too. How awesomely convenient!


Natural oil – ideal for makeup removal


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It has been confirmed by many women that natural oil is the best when it comes to facial care. You just have to adjust the amount so it’d suit with your skin type. Coconut oil, for an example, is the top-pick of many celebrities due to its multiple benefits for keeping skin young and dewy. But if you were looking for different natural oil that is more suitable for your skin, I’d recommend the following:


  • Dry skin: avocado oil
  • Oily skin: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil (works best with Vitamin E)
  • Sensitive skin: Grape seed oil, castor oil
  • Aging skin: argan oil ($$$)
  • Normal skin: olive oil


home remedies

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There is no doubt that milk is one of the most favourable organic products for healthy skin. It keeps our skin moisturised and baby’s bottom-soft. But I bet you didn’t know that it’s also a great way to get rid of eyeliner and mascara. Yes. Just put some milk on a cotton ball and swipe your makeup off. Rewash with lukewarm and repeat for complete makeup removal.

Honey and baking soda


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The natural makeup remover would not be complete without this powerful cleansing couple. Raw honey and baking soda can easily help you taking off any types of makeup but still provide a good range of nutrition that results in a brighter complexion and glowing skin. Another great plus of honey is that it has antioxidants that could protect you from sunny weather. TIPS: Add some drop of extra virgin olive oil for extra skin moisture.

(cool as a) Cucumber


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As a fairly lazy person I would prefer to get many things done as once. This is why cucumber (paste) is my go-to natural makeup remover. The method is simple. Peel and mash/blend it into paste with a little bit of water (or coconut/ olive oil). Then apply it on your face, especially around the eye area. I normally wash it off and then reapply and leave it on overnight. The cucumber seeds help with exfoliation. I woke up feeling refreshed and my skin was well hydrated.

Aloe vera – One of the best home remedies for heavy makeup removal

Aloe vera has been used as medical treatment for centuries. Its benefits include healing wounds, soothing sun burnt and calming skin when in pain. With a high content of collagen it’s well known for preventing aging. It has been used in formulas for many cosmetics products, even skincare supplement. But of course let’s skip the chemicals and make your own makeup wipes. Sunnie Brook has this one easy recipe1 with only 2 ingredients: Aloe vera water and extra virgin olive oil. Give aloe vera a go and you’ll see how good it works for heavy makeup removal.

makeup removal

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So next time you run out of you makeup remover you can just run to your kitchen to grabs these and whip up your own one. Keep in mind that although they can be used on all skin types, but you need to test which one is applicable for your skin and also doesn’t contain the product you’re allergic to. Testing on the back of your hand might help in this case. I would still highly recommend you to using these natural products over store-bought bottle or wipes. Because chemicals are considered one of the reasons for damaging your skin, causing irritation and acne pores.

Natural + Cheap ($) + Convenience = WIN WIN WIN!!!!

In case you’re a McDonald Pizza Hut (Nom!) person who doesn’t have a kitchen or have no healthy food stored at home. Here are a few alternatives for makeup remover: baby oil, baby lotion, Vaseline and lip balm. These are considered safe and could be used on sensitive skin.

And there you go. Makeup removal as easy and as convenient as it could be. Your skin and wallet would thank you a million times for easing on the fancy chemical-filled makeup remover.

Ready to test these out?

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  • Angela R. Reply

    Thank you for these useful information. Never know that I can use milk as a makeup removal.
    I try and it works!

    November 21, 2018 at 1:13 pm

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