Looking For Tips To Avoid Holiday Bloating? Look No Further!

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Looking For Tips To Avoid Holiday Bloating? Look No Further!

Christmas is definitely one of the most wonderful times of the years. It is time to be with your family and friends, relaxing and having a good time. For sure you would indulge yourself during Christmas and New Year. I mean who doesn’t? But this indulgence and celebration can sometimes result in unwanted bloating. Comfort foods which are rich in fat and sugar contribute to belly bloating.

avoid belly boating

However, instead of staying away from your favourite chocolates, roast dinner, and countless glasses of champagne, there are simple tips to avoid or beat the belly bloat. Scroll down to read more about these tips which will help us not to feel sluggish when January hits us.

Let’s check out 10 simple tips to beat belly bloat during the festive season.

1)    Drink lemon water

lemon water

Mix lemon juice to a glass of warm water and drink it before your meals or first thing in the morning. Did you know that it was Miranda Kerr’s daily routine too? This drink helps to boost your digestive system by enhancing the bile production in liver1, which is exactly what you need after a night of delicious foods and booze.

2)    Eat more vegetables

Try to add bitter vegetables such as rockets, artichoke and bitter melons to your meals. They help promote digestion by stimulating the liver function2. Moreover, try to have a more balanced meal with the right portion of veggies along with your favourite roast chicken or beef. For example, you can make a bowl of salads with fresh rocket, lemon juice, olive oil, and pepper and salt. Also, try to eat some greens and vegetables first before you indulge yourself in the main course. You will feel full and not overindulgent in other fatty and unhealthy foods.

3)    Drink tea

christmas tea

 Do you know that consuming wine leads to the dehydration of your body? That is the reason why you need to drink more water throughout the day. However, during the festive season, everybody is busy celebrating and seems to forget about this simple healthy tip. Thus, you can serve water with meals. Or better, offer your guests with herbal teas after each meal. Herbal teas can enhance the speed of the digestive process and make us feel lighter quicker. Some of the best kinds of tea you can try include lemon tea or chamomile tea. They are full of antispasmodic properties to speed up the release of gas and help you feel less bloated.

4)    Consume more enzymatic fruits

Fruits such as kiwi, banana and pineapple are rich in enzymes which aid the digestion process. Hence, I usually remember to snack them more often during the festive season. Enjoy a bowl of fruit salad before or after a meal to help your guts beat belly bloating.

5)    Control how much you eat

Indulging in Christmas meals and parties is perfectly fine. After all, this is the time for us to enjoy ourselves. The thing is, we should control the amount of food we are eating. The most common cause of bloating is overindulgence. So think carefully about whether or not you should go for the second helping. Maybe try to eat slower to see if you have room for more food. Chewing slower also help you to digest your food properly. You can also control the amount of food you eat by using a smaller plate. Researchers have shown that you tend to eat less using a smaller plate.

6)    Eat less of unhealthy foods

holiday feast

  • It is apparent that you should stay away from foods which are rich in processed sugar and refined carbohydrates such as pies, puddings, chips, fast foods.
  • Minimise the intake of coffee and carbonated drinks. These drinks trigger heartburn, gas, and bloating- what you don’t need for this time of the year.
  • And do you know that there are some kinds of vegetable which may cause belly bloating worse? That’s right. Brussels sprouts, cabbages, and cauliflower can increase gas in your body. So don’t eat them unless you want more belly bloating.

7)    Choose healthier options

As you know, there are healthy options in almost every recipe and dish. For instance, if you make your own Christmas pudding, choose a recipe that doesn’t have alcohol, less sugar and gluten-free. Instead of cooking lamb or beef dishes, you can go for fish, prawn or turkey. In a Christmas party you can offer summer fruits such as cherries, apricots and peaches for desserts instead of sweet treats.

8)    Have a “detox day”

detox drinks

 After a Christmas party where you eat and drink a lot, have the following day detoxing and cleansing your body. Try lemon water or some herbal teas, drink more water, and consume more vegetables. Go low-carb or no carb at all to limit any excessive gas in your digestive system.

9)    Stay active

During the holiday season, it is more tempting to lay low and enjoy watching movies. But being inactive will inevitably slow down the digesting process. You don’t need to take part in an intensive workout. Instead, just some light movement right after you eat can help to ease the sluggishness and bloating. Ask your family members or your friends for a walk in the park as a way to spend quality time with them. And if you can, and you should, maintain your usual exercise routines.

10)   Get more sleep

 Finally, don’t forget the importance of having a good sleep every night during this busy period. Dr Scott Kahan, the director of the National Centre for Weight and Wellness in Washington, once stated that “Exercise, nutrition, sleep and reducing stress are all important factors in reducing belly fat in particular and improving general health.” In an interview with the Washington Post.3

In the same interview, Rebecca Mohning a nutritionist in Washington area also agrees with Dr Kahan on that sleep and stress reduction are the key weapons to fight against a tubby tummy.

Above are some useful tips that you can follow to beat belly bloating. These tips help to support your digestive system and relieve any discomfort in your belly, that you can pretty much apply them every day.

We hope you enjoy the festive season as much as we do without feeling uncomfortable with too much food. Merry Christmas and Happy Eating!!


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  • Kaity Reply

    Such an amazing article on how to reduce bloated! I have been struggling with bloated face and body due to the fact that I’m consuming too much salt and alcohol, especially in this festive season. A lot of people recommended me to take a cup of green tea after each feast but sadly I am really sensitive with even minor caffeine hence, could not sleep well at night. I then tried the lemon trick and it worked perfectly as the acidic level in lime juice is well known for helping lose weight. Just a quick note to everyone that it might not work with someone who had a history of gastric. Other than that, great stuff going on here!

    January 23, 2019 at 4:03 pm

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