Skinmade Chest Balm // Eucalyptus + Lemon

Skinmade Chest Balm // Eucalyptus + Lemon

Skinmade Eucalyptus Blue Mallee Pure, Organic Essential Oil


Eucalyptus Blue Mallee Pure, Organic Essential Oil

A strong and fresh fragrance. Can be used to ease colds and sinus pain and also around the home for cleaning and as an insect repellent.

Size: 20ml glass bottle with dripolator

Ingredients: 100% pure, organic eucalyptus (blue mallee) essential oil.

The skinmade essential oil range contains only 100% pure, certified organic oils of the highest quality and aromatic vibrancy.

All our ingredients are gathered without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMOs and have been produced from the named Botanical species, from one single origin.

  • No animal testing
  • Made in Australia
  • Ingredients Certified Organic at point of origin
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About Skinmade

We bring you effective skincare that leaves your skin glowing, is reasonably priced and is kind to the earth.”

The idea behind our range is to create natural skincare that is effective, simple to use and affordable. Our products feel light on your skin and are deeply nourishing. Everything we use in our products is pure and undiluted from the herbal extracts, cold pressed oils to the single origin essential oils. The simplicity of our products also makes them suitable for the whole family… men, women and kids.
Skinmade skincare is natural so you can be confident you are not absorbing toxins and dangerous chemicals through your skin; it also means we are environmentally friendly.  In every facet of our business we are committed to minimising waste and using recyclable packaging.

Our products provide the convenience of being able to maintain a nourishing skincare routine, a major advantage when it comes to tight schedules and busy environments. Skinmade skincare ultimately allows you to achieve beautiful skin simply, without the fuss.

We are proudly Australian made and use local ingredients where possible.

Health, happiness and beautiful skin,



~ Made in Australia

~ Healing and nourishing ingredients

~ Virgin cold-pressed oils / pure essential oils

~ Reusable & recyclable containers

~ Suitable for the whole family

~ Environmentally conscious


~ Absolutely NO animal testing

~ No genetically modified ingredients

~ No artificial fragrances/colours

~ No harsh chemicals

~ No fillers, parabens or sulphates

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