Beeswax Wraps By The Metre – 46cm Width

Beeswax Wraps By The Metre – 46cm Width

Single Medium Beeswax Wrap

Single Medium Beeswax Wrap

Single Large Beeswax Wraps


Large Wrap (34x40 cm)

Keep fresh for longer your large vegetables and fruits (pumpkin, cabbage, cauliflower, melons), fold to large bags to storage loose produce like spinach, lettuce, beans, brussels and more.

Please note: Our range of 20+ prints are randomly selected from 3 different categories Animals & Food, Dreamtime artwork, Randomly mix


Our Eco-friendly beeswax wraps are larger for more diverse functionality and enhanced with colloidal silver to amplify anti-microbial properties. This variety pack will keep your fruits, vegetables, and herbs fresh longer, or make an excellent gift for someone special.

We use the highest quality ACO certified Australian organic beeswax, GOTS certified organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, wild pine rosin, and colloidal silver for antimicrobial enhancement.



Cover, stick, squeeze, wash and reuse!


To keep your wraps healthy for up to a year

or longer: wash them with your hands in

cold water using light or alcohol-free soap

and set to dry completely before next use.



- Heat

- Microwave

- Place in the dishwasher

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About Beeswax Wraps Australia

Homemade with love in NSW, a food wrap that is washable, reusable for up to a year and compostable.

Beeswax Wraps Australia is helping to set the global trend for reducing single-use plastic waste in our daily lives.

Using the highest quality ACO certified Australian organic beeswax and GOTS certified organic cotton, we craft the highest quality and buzziest eco-friendly alternatives to food wrap on the market. Keeping your food fresh has never been so exciting.

Beautiful and authentic, the indigenous Australian Dreamtime artwork on some of our wraps, share captivating stories of our connection to the land and to each other.

This gift to self, planet and friends, will fill your kitchen with colour and culture, wisdom and life.

We are grateful you have chosen to join us on such an important journey ♥︎

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