Mummy Mojo Guide To Stress Free Living


We are so excited to share with you the Mummy Mojo Guide To Stress-free Living – the ultimate guide to preventing, avoiding and relieving stress. In this beautiful 63 page eBook you’ll learn the essential daily habits that can help build your resilience to stress.


Stress is one of our biggest Mojo and health stealers, and can hold us back from leading our most vibrant, lit-up life.

As well you will discover some simple life strategies that can help you avoid stress in the first place! And for the times when, despite your best efforts, you still may sometimes succumb to stress, you’ll find oodles of our favourite tried and tested tips to relieve stress that will take you from OMG to OMMM in minutes. With our holistic and realistic approach to helping mums dial down the stress, you’ll have the tools at your fingertips to be calmer and better equipped to deal with the crazy and unpredictability of life as a busy mum.



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About Mummy Mojo


Mummy Mojo is a clinic and online health and wellness platform for mums, providing coaching and nutrition, wellness programs and detox treatments. At Mummy Mojo we take care of mum. We give her the tools she needs to thrive in motherhood, to look after her own needs when she is exhausted and overwhelmed by the physical and mental load of motherhood. Our popular detox and mindfulness programs have helped hundreds of women around the world to optimise their health so that they can life their best lives with their mojo in full flow.

Mummy Mojo Clinic

Co-Founder Amy Down is a Certified Nutritionist, Health & Life Coach, and EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner who is passionate about transforming the health and mental wellbeing of women, particularly depleted mums. She welcomes clients at her North Manly clinic or via virtual consultation, and works with them to help them achieve their health and life goals.  

In 2013 Amy was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease and has experienced first-hand what many of her patients have – pain, lack of energy, brain fog, hormone imbalances, and a compromised immune system. Her health radically improved once she adopted a new healthy lifestyle. On her journey of healing she made a commitment to dedicate her life to helping others on their journey back to health with her simple yet effective healing protocol. 

“I believe that given half a chance the human body will heal itself by itself, when it is provided with the right building blocks so you can bounce out of bed in the morning, sleep better, feel balanced, lighter, glow with confidence and love your life. I support bio-individuality, being that one size does not fit all. I will help you develop an individual plan and set of goals that can enhance any or all areas of your life; health, nutrition, fitness, relationships, career, mindfulness, and spirituality. The focus is certainly not solely on diet and exercise; it is about helping you achieve balance in key areas of your life and guiding you to a higher place of wellness. 

I also love helping women identify and live out their life’s purpose through releasing self-limiting beliefs and emotional wounds with EFT (tapping). I believe every woman has a seed of magnificence inside of her which is designed to fulfil a specific purpose.”

With a masterful knowledge of detoxing, a keen eye for picking up health issues, and a personal vested interest in helping people release negative emotions and stress, Amy can help you make positive changes that will produce real and lasting results. Whether you’re struggling with a health challenge, diagnosed with a specific illness, or simply looking to achieve optimal health or happiness, Amy will tailor a program specific to you.

My mission is to help women live the life they want in a body they LOVE!

Address: 7 Nicholson Street, North Manly, Sydney, NSW 2100

Opening Hours 

Monday - 10am - 4pm

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Wednesday - 11am - 4pm

Thursday - 9am - 3pm

Friday - 10am - 3pm 

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Cancellations received up to 3 days before appointment – the fee will be refunded.
Cancellations received up to 5pm the day before the appointment – 80% of the fee will be refunded.
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