Intrametica Collagen Ultimate+ Travel Pack

Intrametica Collagen Ultimate+ Travel Pack

Intrametica Collagen Ultimate+ Filled Miron Caddie (30 serves)

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Intrametica Collagen Ultimate+ Filled Miron Caddie (30 serves)


If you want a seriously powerful skin rejuvenation, supplement formulated with evidence based ingredients, our Collagen Ultimate + is for you. Within 8 weeks you will see a reduction in wrinkles, fuller and plumper skin, tighter pores plus you’ll feel great too. It provides 24 hour internal anti-ageing nourishment for the deeper layers of the skin to help keep it healthy, naturally youthful and glowing.

Intrametica® Collagen Ultimate+ not only acts on a single parameter, but has a full and complementary action on all factors involved in skin radiance. It visibly reduces uneven pigmentation and skin tone after 4 weeks, helps protect against sunburn and decreases premature ageing effects of sun damage, increases skin moisture and hydration and assists with collagen production, skin regeneration and renewal.


  • Repair wrinkles and maintain collagen production
  • Improve skin texture and roughness
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and age-spots
  • Restore oil balance and skin radiance induced by ozone and pollution
  • Protect skin and eyes against sun damage
  • May help reduce cellulite by firming skin
  • Increase your skins luminosity and glow
  • Increase skin firmness and elasticity
  • Reduce skin redness and create a more even skin tone
  • Keep skin hydrated and fresh


Dissolve two rounded teaspoons (5 grams) a day with 200ml of water or juice, sprinkle over food or add to your favourite smoothie.

About Miron

When we expose something to light, it reacts — it allows living plants to grow, it causes dead plants to wither. Clear (and some other types of glass) allow light in the visible spectrum to penetrate through, causing products to degrade more quickly and encouraging microbial growth. Miron violet glass is different: it filters out light in the visible spectrum, letting in only UV light (UVA and UVB) and infrared. The absence of visible light helps the product resist degradation, increasing the product’s shelf life. While violet glass filters out visible light, it selectively lets in UVA and UVB rays, which actually suppresses negative microbial growth. We use Miron glass in our caddies because it allows us to avoid preservatives and antimicrobial agents unlike many products on the market, ensuring your product maintains freshness and is chemical free.

Miron's Benefits

  • Helps the product resist degradation
  • Increasing the product’s shelf life
  • Suppresses negative microbial growth
  • Designed to perfectly hold the contents of your Intrametica® pouch


  • Fish Collagen (sustainably sourced) Hydrolised Bioactive Peptides (50%)
  • Intrametica™ proprietary Collagen Ultimate™ Superfood Blend (28%)
  • Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) juice powder*
  • Acerola (Malpighia glabra L.) fruit juice powder*
  • Boabab (Adansonia digitata) fruit powder*
  • Blackberry (Rubus laciniatus) fruit powder*
  • Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia) fruit powder*
  • Astaxanthin (Hematoccocus pluvialis) powdered
  • Goji (Lycium barbarum) berry fruit powder*
  • Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) fruit powder
  • Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) fruit powder and Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) leaf powder
  • Melon concentrate (Curcubis melo L. Curcubitaceae) fruit powder
  • Grapeseed (Vitis vinefera L.) seed powder
  • Kakadu Plum (Terminalia Ferdinandiana) Fruit powder*
  • Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) fruit powder
  • Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) fruit powder providing Lycopene
  • Maqui Berry (Aristotelia chilensis) fruit powder
  • Carrot (Daucus carota subsp. Sativus) juice powder)
  • Natural Raspberry Flavour
  • Acid (Citric Acid)
  • Natural Blackcurrant Flavour
  • Natural Strawberry Flavour
  • Thickener (Organic Maltodextrin (Corn)
  • Antioxidant (Zinc gluconate)
  • Colloidal Silica
  • Organic Stevia

* denotes Certified Organic Ingredients

Nutritional Information

Always read the label.

This product contains trace amounts of soy (from lecithin).

This product contains FISH derivatives. Use caution with known allergies to this form of protein.

Not suitable for children under 15 years unless specifically prescribed by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Consult your healthcare professional before using if you have any concerns.

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About Intrametica

Our Story

Intrametica® is a collaboration of amazing, passionate women who are driven to give you the very best that we have inside us. From the concept to the design, every inch and element is infused with love and belief in the brand we bring to you. Our passion is to exceed your expectations and, to enhance your beauty from within. We love being vibrant women, walking our talk – as a team we respect each other and of course…….we respect you.

We are proud to bring you INTRAMETICA® – Evidenced based natural medicine formulations to transform your inner beauty!

Our Team

Angela Smith

CEO, Founder, Director, Formulator and Clinical Naturopath

Angela is also the Director of Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic (MNMC). Angela’s infectious energy and glowing health has attracted dozens of high profile Australians to her clinic and she is very excited to now bring her powerful formulations to the world. Angela has assembled a passionate and talented team who love her mission to curate luxurious inner beauty products to keep you looking ravishingly beautiful.

Samantha Fallon

CTO and R&D of Intrametica.

Sam is one of the world’s most experienced natural medicine formulators managing some of the best formulations in natural medicine today. Sam’s technical knowledge ensures every Intrametica formulation is exquisitely balanced to achieve the best results. As the geeks of the team, Angela and Sam love working together to source the latest and most effective ingredients from around the globe.

Alex Pell

Naturopath and Operations Manager.

Alex is also a Naturopath at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic (MNMC). She is the backbone of the team and the grounding force which ensures the operation runs smoothly. As a naturopath herself, Alex has an appreciation for the amazing properties of the Intrametica range. She is an all-round top-gun, adaptable and indispensable right arm for Angela and the practitioners at MNMC.


1) When can I expect to start seeing results?

Results can and will vary for each individual. Your age does determine the results. The products are designed to smooth and refine wrinkles on top of a good lifestyle and other treatments such as facials. Our evidence shows most results are seen within 8 weeks of taking the supplements daily.

2) How long should I take the products for?

Ideally, take the products for a minimum of three months to maximise cellular turnover and optimise results. We recommend the products be taken continually for long term skin benefits.

3) What happens if I stop using the products?

Fortunately, if you stop using the products the effects will last for a period of time – how long is really determined by your age, genetics and skin quality at the time. Your body will need continual collagen support as you age, so we recommend you aim to take Collagen Ultimate + most days of your life especially for people over the age of 35 when collagen is obviously declining.

4) When should I take the products – morning or night? With or without food?

We suggest you take the Intrametica products whenever you like. They are gentle to the stomach so you can take when you wake up or after breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can even take them before bed also. The most important thing is that you take them when you remember and ideally daily. They are delicious and super easy to add into water or a smoothie for breakfast.

5) Why do we use sustainable farmed fish?

Intrametica have chosen sustainable sourced collagen peptides to ensure our products are not impacting our oceans. An exponential amount of collagen is used world wide for the numerous health benefits collagen can provide to humans. Is it not such a bad thing to purchase collagen that supports the health of our ocean when after all it is proven that the collagen we source is clean, not genetically modified nor contains heavy metals and other unwanted contaminants.

It is our belief that not only is sustainable farming more environmentally friendly because it can take pressure off over-fished areas and allow depleted wild fish populations to return, it is also clean and the supply source has less detriment to the environment than wild caught fishing.

Wild caught fishing versus sustainable farmed fishing. What does wild caught mean? It certainly doesn’t mean that there is a person in boat fishing the ocean using a few hooks or lines at a time. Typically wild caught involves thousands of lines and thousands of hooks raping our over fished oceans, which has a huge impact on our environment and the oceans habitat. According to the Monetary Bay Aquarium Seafood watch, which is an excellent resource for seafood recommendations and the environment, describe wild caught fish to include all the fish and seafood caught in nets, traps, or with fishing lines. Unfortunately accidental catch of unwanted species is a major concern in wild caught fishing practices. Species such as dolphins, sharks and numerous over fished species are caught on these lines, nets or traps. Ocean habitat damage from fishing gear is also a major issue with wild caught fish.

Overfishing, lack of effective management, and our own consumption habits are just a few factors contributing to a decline in wild fish populations. Evidence of these problems abounds. Fish that’s been caught or farmed in environmentally sustainable ways is far more environmentally friendly. Consumers play an important role in shaping the future and health of our ocean.

6) Where is the Intrametica collagen sourced?

The Collagen peptides use in Collagen Ultimate+ and Toned Protein Boost is from sustainably sourced farmed fish, which complies with stringent requirements for raw material selection, production processes and quality testing. The collagen hydrolysates are in compliance with the requirements laid down in regulation (EC) No 178/2002 laying down the general principles and requirements of food law, as well as with Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs, Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin, and Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005 on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs. Consequently, establishments producing gelatins including collagen hydrolysates must be approved according to Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin.

The Collagen peptides are derived exclusively from skins and / or bones of healthy farmed fish (scientific name of fish species used: Oreochromis spp., tilapia spp. Or lates calcarifer) which have been found fit for human consumption. Our Collagen peptides are not derived from any genetically modified (GM) material or Nano- engineered material. As a result, there is no risk of contamination by GM material. Genetically modified organisms have not been used in the manufacture of our collagen peptides nor have they been in contact with genetically modified organisms. The Collagen peptides are Halal certified, free from heavy metals, pesticides and antibiotics. Intrametica have chosen an environmentally friendly sustainable source of collagen peptides to supply our skin with a high quality, clinically research and evidenced-based collagen which impacts the environment in less of a manner to wild caught fishing practices.

7) Is Intrametica an Australian brand?

Yes, it sure is! Founded and developed by Melbourne based Naturopath Angela Maree Smith, Intrametica is an Australian made and owned brand. Our priority is to keep it that way.

8) Where are the products manufactured?

All of our products are developed and manufactured in Australia. We love to support our local businesses and economy.


"I am now 4 days post completing the #glowfromwithin 21-day detox program and am pleasantly surprised with my results. I got a lot out of this program and will definitely continue on with maintenance. The texture of my skin improved all over, now feeling smooth to the touch and firm from within. I can see that my eyes have brightened and my skin texture looks even and smooth. I loved the meals from the program - especially the smoothies, and have continued to have at least one recipe from the program each day. I can also see that the skin on my hands has also improved greatly! I lost 2.5kg over the 21-days, I imagine though that adding more exercise to my week would increase that number. I loved how the Toned Protein Boost really reduced hunger cravings and by the 3rd week, I was only having breakfast (around lunchtime), a mid arvo smoothie, dinner and sometimes a hot drink for dessert. My energy levels definitely increased and I found when I did do some exercise I pushed myself harder the further I got into it - when before I would slow down. Unfortunately being a mum to 3 young boys I never really have the time to do any of the relaxing treatments like sauna visits or massages and my sleep times could definitely improve! But that is just the stage of my life at the moment. I'm really looking forward to seeing the improvements over the 8-weeks and beyond! I love Intrametica!" From Clare Adams - The Intrametica Collection

"I was so super excited when I heard that Angela Maree Smith was launching a product range. I am a huge supporter of natural wellness, Australian brands and sustainable sourced products. I have also heard about Angela from a number of friends who attend her clinic, and if her reputation as a practitioner is anything to go off, these products are going to be super amazing." From Sally - Collagen Ultimate + Pouch

Shipping Policies

$12.95 flat rate standard shipping Australia wide. For some bulky items, if the shipping cost is greater than $25, we reserve the right to ask for an additional shipping fee to cover our cost. We appreciate your understanding. Delivery by Australia Post. For international orders, please enquire for a delivery quote. Additional insurance for goods valuing over $100 incurs an additional fee, enquire us via Contact Seller/Ask a Question section on our product listing page on Naturely for quote.   


All orders and payments received before 1pm will be shipped same day. Orders and payments received after 1pm may be shipped the following business day. Orders are shipped Monday to Friday. Tracking information will be forward to the email listed in the order details. Delivery within Australia can take between 2-14 business days depending on delivery location. Orders are dispatched from North Melbourne.

Return Policies

Intrametica will accept returns only for damaged goods that are not opened and unused. Intrametica will not accept returns or refunds for ‘change of mind’. Any customer who is concerned their product is damaged or faulty can contact us via the Contact Seller/Ask a Question section on our product listing page on Naturely and raise an RMA request (return merchandise authorization).

All return requests must be notified to us within 2 weeks of receiving their order. Replacement of damaged or lost items is made at the discretion of Intrametica Pty Ltd.

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