ECOBUD Replacement Silicone Nozzle 3

ECOBUD Replacement Silicone Nozzle 3

ECOBUD Gentoo Glass Water Filter Jug White 1.5L

ECOBUD Gentoo Glass Water Filter Jug White 1.5L

ECOBUD Replacement Filter - White Pete Evans' Little Penguin



ECOBUD Replacement Filter - White  Pete Evans' Little Penguin

Little Penguin filter is formed by the micro glass fibre through the thermal composite technology. It is a composition of micro glass fibre and cellulose infused with nano-alumina fibres in a non-woven medium that creates an electro-positively charged depth filter media. This composition provides high efficiency, high capacity and strong flow, each filter can withstand 150 litres of filtration capacity which can handle up to 99.997 of impurities. In addition, Little Penguin cartridges are made of food grade standard compliant material.

The Little Penguin cartridges are designed to solve the most difficult part of water purification. The filtering technology is based on the scientific principle of electro-positive charge derived from NASA, it can rapidly and efficiently absorb and isolate impurities and harmful bacteria in the water. The maximum degree of filtration up to tens of microns or as small as a few nanometers. The Little Penguin filter has a rating of 0.2μ, equivalent to a typical micro-porous membrane evaluation criteria, which is a hundred times greater than the ordinary filter membrane function.


  • Height: 97mm
  • Width: 43mm
  • Weight: 50g


  • Produce great tasting pure water with a pH of 8.0-8.5 as you drink.
  • Eliminate chlorine*, contaminants and bacteria.
  • Reduce use of bottled water, helps save the environment.
  • 150 Litres of Usage (about 214 refills)
  • Remember to replace the filter every 2 months for maintaining the optimum quality of little penguin.

About Ecobud

Ecobud is a leading Australian brand supplying eco-friendly, sustainable water filtration systems and drink bottles, mugs, jars and cups. Their mission is to make the world a cleaner and healthier place by providing cleaner water. They believe that by purifying the most important aspect of healthy living - water, we can improve the personal health of the customers and assist in saving our planet.

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