Charlie and The Carob Tree Original Carob Blend - 50g x 3

Charlie and The Carob Tree Original Carob Blend - 50g x 3

Charlie Sugar Free Chocolate - Small Bag x 3

Charlie Sugar Free Chocolate - Small Bag x 3

Charlie and the Carob Tree - Original Carob Blend 250g


Are you looking for a chocolate powder alternative? Try out the Charlie Original Carob Blend from Charlie and The Carob Tree.

Their Charlie Original Carob Blend is Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Caffeine Free, Egg-free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar-Free


Carob, Rapadura Sugar, Maca, Wattleseed, Cinnamon, Murray River Rock Salt

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About Charlie And The Carob Tree

Our Story

carob tree

Charlie and the Carob Tree - funny sounding name isn't it? My name is Lisa and together with my husband Simon, and my two children, Madeleine and Charlie, my household contains allergies to over 50 different foods. Cooking for four, while ensuring that the food is always nutritious has been an ongoing challenge for over 25 years. 

In 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and since having chemo I developed food intolerances and sensitivities to a number of food chemicals, with one of the foods now on my "not to eat list" being chocolate! I am a lover of hot chocolates, and never being a coffee or tea drinker, without being able to have hot chocolates I felt like I was missing out on socialising with my friends or having a late night drink after dinner. Missing my hot chocolate, my husband and I started experimenting with carob, adding different ingredients until we reached the perfect blend.

The health benefits of carob speak for themselves and now I want to share my secret blend so that everyone else can enjoy (food allergies or not).

Having "Charlie" as an alternative to cocoa in hot or cold chocolates is not the only way to use it! Sprinkled on ice cream, mixed with frothed milk using the coffee machine and substituting it for cocoa in baking ensures that even the yummiest of foods can now be healthy too. 

We are proud to partner with The Australian Carob Company to ensure “Charlie” has a local organic flavour from an orchard in South Australia, home to 6000 selected sweet varieties of carob trees. Quality is their number one priority and they do everything from the harvesting, to the milling and packing on their property, ensuring a non contaminated product which is Nut Free, Gluten Free and the absolute best quality carob possible.

Selected cafes and restaurants in Melbourne are now stocking "Charlie" and we are excited for you to try our blend. 

You'll never guess it's not real chocolate.

Shipping Policies

As long as "Charlie" is in stock we will dispatch your order within 1-3 business days. Delivery depends on where in the world you live, but please allow 10 business days before contacting us.

Shipping costs:

Express Post (within Australia) — $15 flat rate. We use Express Post to ship chocolates on Mondays and Tuesday every week with an ice pack and thermal bubble wrap to ensure the quality of the chocolates is not compromised during delivery. 

International Shipping – $25 flat rate

Because we hope you love "Charlie" as much as we do, all orders over $50 include free shipping! Only orders using Express Post will receive a tracking number. 

Return Policies

We love hand packing "Charlie" in Melbourne and we take a huge amount of care and respect when packaging your order. Should anything be damaged during transit to your place please contact us immediately, so that we can have a chat about it. 

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