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Naturely Shop is a community marketplace where people around the world connect online to sell and purchase natural and healthy living products such as organic food, natural skincare, natural cosmetics, green cleaning and eco friendly products as well as health and wellness services.
We hand pick products and provide professional advice and tips to the community. We empower mums and women to nourish their body, nurture their health, their families and protect the environment by using natural, organic eco-friendly foods and products. We encourage everyone in the community to share their healthy eating and living experience.

Hello and Welcome to Naturely Shop

My name is Ann and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I got passionate about natural skin care products since my daughter, Lucy, suffered from severe eczema all over her body from birth. We were advised to apply many different topical steroid creams. After a while, I realized that steroid creams have lots of adverse effects especially on babies such as thinning of the skin, thinning of bones and stunted growth. I was destined to find natural alternatives such as Weleda rash relief cream, Moogoo cream, and Billie Goat eczema balm to help control her skin rashes.

I also learned that the chemicals in laundry liquids and cleaning products may aggravate her eczema condition, so I opted for all toxin-free, naturally derived detergents and cleaning liquids in my house. After I made the ‘natural’ switch, I observed Lucy’s skin getting much better. Since then, I paid more attention to her nutrition and diet to compensate for the bad effects that the cortisone creams may have had on her. I learned that organic food and hormone-free foods are better for our health and environment due to its lower level of pesticides, no preservatives, and no hormones or antibiotics.

When a close friend of mine with a Doctorate in Medical Science opened an online shop to sell natural beauty products, she introduced me some great products such as Antipodes’ night cream and serum, and Kenko matcha green tea for facial masks. After using these products for a few months, I could see a significant improvement in my skin tone. The acne scars that I’d gotten when I was a teenager became smaller, and my skin looks clearer and more radiant. Having a background in Medical Science, she explained to me all the benefits of natural ingredients in these products. I then studied them more and now know what to look for on the labels. I became a loyal fan of natural beauty products since then.

Unfortunately, sourcing organic food and natural products is not easy. The local supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles in Australia do not stock a lot of organic fresh food in their stores. The local chemists do not have a wide range of natural beauty products either. I had to go to different online stores to buy different products. It was time-consuming and inconvenient.

Understanding that all other working women and mums out there would face similar challenges, I built the Naturely Shop website as a central marketplace for all of us to have easy access to natural, organic, healthy and safe products from different suppliers and stores. My team and I had manually curated all of the products here, and we have tried most of them over the years. We have spent months of research to choose the best natural and safe products for you and your family, saving your precious time for your loved ones.

Our goal is to get more people around the world involved in the switch to using natural products that are good for our health and the environment. Together, let’s make this happen!

You can participate in the switch by sharing our shop and blog with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest; or contributing to our blog where are we constantly updating articles and resources to raise awareness about organic food, healthy living, eco lifestyles and safe products.

If you know a great natural or eco-friendly product that is not yet listed on our website, please contact us to pass on the supplier or the store details and we will be in touch with them. Thank you again for your visit.

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