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About My Mag Essentials

Our Inspiration is to have you feel your Best, naturally!

We are very blessed to be living in a world that has access to non-toxic and natural products. They can change your state of health and therefore transform your life!
Our passion to manufacture and develop our products is thriving in that!

I got introduced to Magnesium Oil through my Partner; he was using it every day due to physical work. It helped him to feel agile and energized within his body and to be able to go back to work the next day.
Magnesium Oil was and is very important in our lives.
I personally didn’t really got used to the tingling sensation of the Oil, but knowing how essential it is, to have a Magnesium intake, I started developing my own recipe for a Magnesium Lotion, which I was able to use it on our daughter as well and still have the same amount of Magnesium absorption, but no tingling, which was very beneficial.
And my only saviour in the early years of being a Mum was our Magnesium Lotion, it helped me to distress and go back to sleep as I had to get up every 60min. through the night for nearly 1 year.
It was only after the first Chiropractic got interested in our Magnesium Lotion, as it was complementing their work, that I started seriously thinking about starting a business.
My Mag Essentials was born and our products have been developing since 2014!

It has been fundamental in our family life especially since our daughter was born to be conscious about the products we use on a daily basis. We all are depending entirely on a healthy and natural environment for our health and wellbeing. It is vital for our bodies to get treated naturally and non-toxic. Living that believes, there has never been a doubt about how to develop My Mag Essentials Products.

Our Products are all made with Love!

  • The Love to select the best and right ingredients possible!
  • The Love to produce products 100% natural and most organic possible
  • The Love to live life naturally and healthy
  • The Love of Intention
  • The Love for Nature
  • The Love to keep learning

We believe in what we do and have a passion for our work!